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Running Feet

So, I thought I’d blog today. I enjoy adding a photo that goes along with whatever is in my head, so today I Googled “running feet”. Among the many images that were returned, this was one them. This is often how I feel I look like when I’m out there running…um… AMUSING, to say the least. You’ve seen the “This is what I think I look like”, “This is what I really look like” pics, right? If not, I’ll add it, so you know what I’m talking about:

That’s me, on the bottom… although, I don’t think I’m that cute.

 I’m glad any one can run, and it’s not based on how cool you look… I’d be out (I’m going by my race day photos here… all of which are pretty dorky).

Moving on to other things, my right butt-string (that would be my butt and hamstring combined) is hurting today. Nothing major or serious… just “from a good work out” kind of hurt. I’ve been focusing on my pace and it’s been improving, so I guess butt pain can be expected. Yes, running has become a pain in my butt. (I crack myself up.)

Today I was able to do some speed intervals outside on a soft, drizzly day. It was good and just a little different than on the treadmill, but I was happy with how I did. These are my splits from my Nike+ band:

The last mile was done at a relaxed pace…. WHAT?! that used to be my faster pace! YAY!

Next Saturday I’m running a 5k and I really hope to see a massive improvement on my time, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m sure I’ll post how I did.. and I know you can’t wait.

Hope this weekend is full of fun things!