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Some Like it Tart Smoothie

1/2c.  concentrated lime juice mix (in the freezer section)

handful of frozen sweet cherries (in freezer section)

about 1c. frozen chunk pineapple (guess where!)

1 banana sliced

1c. ice (I use Sonic ice)

1c. vanilla low fat yogurt

Blend it all up and share (it makes enough for two glasses). Rach gave it two thumbs up!


Banana Split Smoothie

I came up with this smoothie as a way to use a few cans of SlimFast that I had lying around. It was a little thinner than I usually like it, because I was afraid to use too much ice (see my previous post about my blender). It was VERY good, and actually good for me!

Banana Split smoothie:

1 can SlimFast chocolate shake (you could use the powder too, I’m sure)

1 banana

1/2 – 1 cup of frozen pitted cherries

1c. of ice (more or less depending on how think you want it)

Put it all in the blender and blend the heck out of it. SO GOOD!!

Blender Woes

The things you learn when you start something new. I never knew how well (or “not” well) our blender worked, as I could probably count on one hand the times I’ve used it since we got it about 6 years ago. Phil is the blender user in the family. But that has changed since all of this half marathon business. My normal breakfast “routine” (if you can call it breakfast) is half a cup of coffee. I know, I know… bad me. But since starting this torture training I have come to appreciate something a little more substantial in the morning. My new routine consists of a banana before going to the gym and then a smoothie (Erin, you’ll be pleased to know the first time I typed that it came out “smootie”…) when I get back. I didn’t know a blender could moan. I like THICK smoothies, while Phil has an inclination for thinner ones, and this may explain why he’s never found a problem with our current blender. Unfortunately when I use it, I’m surprised not to see smoke. I have to poke, and prod, and shake, and shake some more… then finally it starts to blend. I get very frustrated and want to chuck the thing out the window. So today, after struggling for 20 minutes (if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’) to make my poor ailing daughter a smoothie to sooth her sore throat, I threw in the towel. Phil “o.k.’d” me to buy an new blender, so my search began.

I reviewed probably every blender known to man, and a couple probably only known to those who live on Mars. I looked at $29 blenders and $499 blenders (not that the $499 ones were even a consideration.. but I looked anyway). What I wanted was one that could blend ice and frozen fruit to a very smooth texture without exploding or catching fire (and one that didn’t cost $499). So, after much searching, and reading and more searching;  the blender I decided on was the KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender with Polycarbonate Jar (in the attractive and fun “pear” color).

I got it from Sears, because I had a $25 gift card that could go towards the cost. It was more expensive than our previous blender purchases, but I hoping this is a case of “you get what you pay for”. The customer reviews on Amazon were mostly good (kinda like mostly dead… my lame attempt at humor here), and I’m hoping that it will help in my smoothie making endeavors. I think it’s supposed to  come in somtime next week and will let you know how it works… I hope I can give it “two thumbs way up”!

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie

Gina has inspired me to make smoothies! This is one that I tried today, and it really came out good.

In a blender put:

Some ice (I used Sonic ice,  probably a cup to a cup and a half.)

1c. lowfat vanilla yogurt (I bought a big thing of it and just spooned it out)

1 banana sliced

4 strawberries sliced

Blend well and enjoy!

Note: this made enough for Rachel and I to each have a glass.

Gina has also added pineapple to hers, and that is good too (I just didn’t add that this time).