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This is kinda what I’ve felt like the last couple of runs…. blah. Right now, if I had to base the outcome of a half on the past week, the prognosis would NOT be good. I know that getting started again on a regular running schedule takes some acclimation, so I’ve giving myself a break and not feeling too bad, but I do hope things improve. I just completed day 2 of week 3, so that means I’ve almost been back on this pony a month…not too shabby. I’m hoping that the cooler weather that’s coming our way will help with the way I’m feeling on runs too. This morning it was incredibly humid and it felt like I was breathing in water, but Nike+ said my pace was 15 seconds faster than my three previous runs, so I’ll take it.

I still haven’t registered for the the Miracle Match yet. I’m waiting on the “okay” from the spouse. Not money wise or anything, but he’s entertaining the idea of attending a conference that he knows he won’t attend, but until he’s worked all that out in his head I told him I’d wait. If you understood all of that you win a cookie.

Other than that, life is pretty status quo. Nothing major to complain about, and everything to be thankful for! I have enjoyed reading various accounts of the Hood to Coast event on other runners blogs. I’m not sure I’d ever be up to that, but it makes for interesting reading.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!


Feeling Good


Morning Run

I’ve just started the 3rd week of the C25K program, and am feeling good. The mornings, here in Texas, have finally started to cool down and getting out an running has been a pleasure (temp wise). I’m hoping that is a trend of weather to come…we’ll see. It is TEXAS after all. The shot above is one from my iphone, shot sometime last week.

I’m contemplating registering again for the Miracle Match Half. This is the same Half that kicked off this whole crazy adventure in my life. It will be Jan. 27th in Waco, so I have plenty of time to get ready, and I’ve decided, if I run it, I would do so only for fun. No A, B or C goals. No goal times. No nothing. Simply to run and have a good time on the course. Having run it before, I know what to expect (hill wise) and when to expect it. And I believe I can finish in a better place, physically AND mentally, than last time.

I’ve made no firm decisions YET, but hope to in the near future. It would be fun to have something to “work” toward with my running again….at least for a little while.

Besides all of this, I’ve been OBSESSED with my iPhone and Instagram (and all the camera/ photo editing apps I have on it). Here are just a few of my favorite shots, all shot and edited with my iPhone 4:

Some old Coke bottles at a local antique store

my nephew at the park

some old roller skates my son picked up at Canton

my daughter working on an art project

a SWEET old Thunderbird

my son spray-painting at Cadillac Ranch

Have a GREAT day!

Back to the Basics

Well, it’s been a while! I’ve been running on and off, but if I had to be completely honest it’s been more off than on…..but oh well. Also, tbh (I learned that little gem from my daughter) I haven’t felt like running for a while. So I set it aside for a bit.
But yesterday I went out for a run. It was good, and i think I’m ready for some more.
Yesterday, whilst perusing apps, I came across the C25K app. Since it was free, I decided to download it and give it a whirl. Now, I haven’t lost that much fitness, but I figured what could it hurt to go back to basics and in the long run (get it?) it could help me.
The app tells me when to walk and when to run, and slowly builds up your endurance, and I think that’s what I was missing the first time around.
Today was the first day and during the run portion I was able to maintain a 9:15 pace….of course were talking about a whole minute of running. But I hopeful that as I follow the program I can maintain this for longer periods of time, we shall see.
Well that’s it for now, I’m sure I keep you update very now and again. For now I will leave you will a random picture from my iPhone. I’ve had WAY to much fun with this thing (I wrote and posted this entry from it).


Running Feet

So, I thought I’d blog today. I enjoy adding a photo that goes along with whatever is in my head, so today I Googled “running feet”. Among the many images that were returned, this was one them. This is often how I feel I look like when I’m out there running…um… AMUSING, to say the least. You’ve seen the “This is what I think I look like”, “This is what I really look like” pics, right? If not, I’ll add it, so you know what I’m talking about:

That’s me, on the bottom… although, I don’t think I’m that cute.

 I’m glad any one can run, and it’s not based on how cool you look… I’d be out (I’m going by my race day photos here… all of which are pretty dorky).

Moving on to other things, my right butt-string (that would be my butt and hamstring combined) is hurting today. Nothing major or serious… just “from a good work out” kind of hurt. I’ve been focusing on my pace and it’s been improving, so I guess butt pain can be expected. Yes, running has become a pain in my butt. (I crack myself up.)

Today I was able to do some speed intervals outside on a soft, drizzly day. It was good and just a little different than on the treadmill, but I was happy with how I did. These are my splits from my Nike+ band:

The last mile was done at a relaxed pace…. WHAT?! that used to be my faster pace! YAY!

Next Saturday I’m running a 5k and I really hope to see a massive improvement on my time, I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m sure I’ll post how I did.. and I know you can’t wait.

Hope this weekend is full of fun things!

All Hot and Sweaty

3.1 miles 32:08

That sounds like the title to a bad song, sorry about that. Well, I did my run for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race! I chose to run a 5k (since I have one that I’m getting ready for at the end of April) and finished in 32:08 for an overall pace of 10:22. MUCH closer to what I would like my “regular” pace to become! WOO! I did, however, start out WAY to fast, and had to try to recoup during mile 2, so I need to work on that.

It was a nice day, on the cool side but very, very humid. We had some bad storms move through our area last night, so it cooled things off, but whew… you could cut the air with a knife (so cliche, I know…again, my apologies). Later the kids and I headed to the gym and I ran another 2 miles, bringing the total for the day to 5. I’ll take it.

I hope you all (all 2 readers… Mom and Beth) have a GREAT Easter weekend!



This is my run from yesterday. I decided to throw some fartlek training into my schedule, so I warmed up a bit for 3 minutes and then did 6 1 minute intervals, then ran at the slower pace for 5 minutes, then a cool down. This run was…. AWESOME! I felt great through out the whole run, and finished 3 miles in UNDER 30 minutes! It doesn’t take me much to make me happy.

Here’s a shot of my splits. Technically Nike+ said I only ran 2.99 miles (when I transferred it to Daily Mile it said 2.99887 or some number like that… REALLY Nike+??), so my last split would be around 9:44. Today my legs feel fantastic and am not sore at all. This really makes me think I can do this speed increase thing! I looking forward to try my shoes on a longer run. Hopefully I can fit that in Wednesday or Friday.

Hope you all have a great Easter!