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I Liked This

I found this article and really liked what it had to say. Thought I’d just share a bit of it. Enjoy!

I am NOT a Jogger

by John Bingham

“I AM A RUNNER because my runs have names. I do tempo runs and threshold runs and fartlek runs. I do long, slow runs and track workouts. My runs are defined, even if my abs are not.

I AM A RUNNER because my shoes are training equipment, not a fashion statement. The best shoe for me is the one that makes me a better runner. I choose the shoe that goes with my running mechanics, not my running outfit.

I AM A RUNNER because I don’t have running outfits. I have technical shirts and shorts and socks. I have apparel that enhances the experience of running by allowing me to run comfortably. I can say “Coolmax” and “Gore-Tex” in the same sentence and know which does what.

I AM A RUNNER because I know what effort feels like, and I embrace it. I know when I’m pushing the limits of my comfort and why I’m doing it. I know that heavy breathing and an accelerated heart rate–things I once avoided–are necessary if I want to be a better runner.

I AM A RUNNER because I value and respect my body. It will whisper to me when I’ve done too much. And if I choose to listen to that whisper, my body won’t have to scream in pain later on.

I AM A RUNNER because I am willing to lay it all on the line. I know that every finish line has the potential to lift my spirits to new highs or devastate me, yet I line up anyway.

I AM A RUNNER because I know that despite my best efforts, I will always want more from myself. I will always want to know my limits so that I can exceed them.

I AM A RUNNER because I run. Not because I run fast. Not because I run far.

I AM A RUNNER because I say I am. And no one can tell me I’m not.

Waddle on, friends.”


Yeah, That’s What I Meant

So, I’ve been reading this book. It’s PACKED full of good info, and a great resource on all things running/walking. When I started this, I had this feeling that was hard for me to express. I told my mom, it was like a fear of “loosing myself”… but that didn’t quite fit. Today while reading I had a “Yeah! That’s what I meant” moment. It was in the chapter titled ‘Mental Training and Motivation’, here’s the quote:

“When you decide to run or walk a 5K, 10K, or half-marathon, you added the “runner” title to your self-image. This addition to your image can also lead to increased expectations. Expectations that exceed you abilities can take the enjoyment out of training.”

This is it. This is what I was feeling. To me the title of “runner” comes with a lot of expectations (most are internal, but some are external). For me, I was worried about meeting MY expectations of what being a “runner” meant. Some were reasonable, some were not. I had to sift through them all.

I can hardly believe it, but it’s been a month since this new chapter in my life began, and I have found that I have been through a re-defining process. Being a runner holds a different meaning for me now, one that I think is more balanced and realistic. I’m excited that this is becoming part of who I am, as a person. Building on what was already there… not destroying it. I want to intrinsically motivated, and I know that I can do this. I am so thankful for all the support I’m getting… from everyone! It’s means so much to me!

I’ll end with this quote:

“Everyone is an athlete. The only difference is that some of us are in training and some are not.” – George Sheehan


I don’t know what my hang up is. I have a very hard time calling myself a “runner”. I think I feel that I’m conveying something that I’m not. In my eyes, running is sprinting down the track going much faster than I will ever go. I feel that if I call myself a runner, I’m doing a disservice to the word. I asked Phil what he thought of when I said someone was a runner. His answer was “95% of the time I think of someone jogging, like what you do”. That funny, because 95% of the time I think of someone sprinting. I guess I need to reset my mind to take in a new definition of “running” and what a “runner” is. It’s a silly thing, but I think it just might helpĀ  me on this journey. Not to be afraid to redefine myself. Not to worry about saying “I’m a runner”.