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Reunited and it Feels SO Good!

Today was my first run after a week off. It felt FANTASTIC! I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I just couldn’t do it! The weather was perfect, and even though I didn’t start until 9am, I had a beautiful 66 degrees for my reunion with running. After a summer of upper 70’s to low 80’s this was heaven.

I’m sure that the combination of rest, compression sleeves and new shoes all worked together, as I had a pain free run. I took it easy and did 3.73 miles for an overall pace of 10:53 pace. I am very happy with that!

I’ll run again on Sunday as the day tomorrow is packed full of kid activities. It looks like this weather is hanging around for a while, so I’m pumped!

total miles for September: 61!

(even with a week off).

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


Off Days

Yesterday, I was thinking of where I wanted to run and for how long when it suddenly occurred to me that today was my “off” day. Wednesdays and Sundays are the days that I take of from doing anything in the gym. It was such a nice surprise yesterday, and I am thankful that two days a week I know that I will get to rest!  I must admit that sometimes I do battle feelings of laziness (especially on Wednesday) but am quickly learning that taking these days helps me to preform better on the days I do run and go to the gym. God designed our bodies to need rest, and I think it’s a good thing to give it to them. For me, knowing that I have certain days of doing nothing keeps me motivated on the days that I do run.

Tomorrow, I’ll pick back up on running, and Saturday I’m going to go for 3 1/2 miles, but today… today I’m going to appreciate the day off.