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Happy Thanksgiving!!

A BIG Happy Thanksgiving!! I participated in the Daily Mile “Feed the Turkey Trot” this morning and ran my fastest 5k to date (non-treadmill time… why do I always go faster on the treadmill??) 31:30! I was muggy and warm (in the 70’s at 7:30 AM!!), but it felt good to get out there and run. I was able to print out a certificate and all that good stuff. 609 people participated, and it will be interesting to see where I place when all the results are in.

I still need to register for the Miracle Match Half that will take place in January, it was on my list to do yesterday….but like a lot of things yesterday I put it off. I’m not nervous about the distance, I mean 13.1 miles is a lot, but I’ve eeked out 12.1 so I’m pretty sure I can do it… what really is freaking me out is the PEOPLE. I like to run alone…. actually, to be honest, I like to do most things alone. The idea of all those other runners around me, and then add spectators on top of that, and that gets my heart rate up just a bit. I KNOW that they won’t be focusing on me (I’m not that conceited… geesh), but still the freak out factor is there. BUT, I’m still going to do it, and I’ll just focus and push all that out and just run. So TODAY (or perhaps tomorrow) I will register! (I need to do it before Dec. 1st to get a $10 discount)

I hope each of you have a wonderful, family filled Thanksgiving!






R & R

I think it’s some time for some R&R. While running on Monday, I had a little “tweak” in my left calf. I didn’t really pay attention, but then yesterday and today I was feeling it again and it didn’t “run out”. I felt this same thing when I first started running and it became a really big deal and I had to take of a couple of weeks to let it rest and heal, so I’m going to be proactive! I was looking back through my journal and noticed that the last time I took any amount of time off of running was back a week 9. Seeing as how this is week 19, I think it’s time to take a couple of days off. I don’t want to aggravate my calf anymore than necessary, and I don’t want it to become something that I have to take extended time off for. I’m still going to lift weights, but am probably going to totally rest my legs (we’ll see) at least until Tuesday of next week. I’m hoping that by taking action now, it will prevent me from really hurting later. Don’t worry, I shall return, I’ve come too far to stop now!! On another note, I set a new PR today for 5k mileage- 33:29! WooHoo!