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Showing Some Appreciation

Thanks Phil!

While reading through my blog roll today, I discoverd via Book Worm Runs that today is National Married-to-a-Runner Appreciation Day! I didn’t even know there was such a thing… so in honor of such a great day, I think I’ll brag a bit on my husband, Phil!

That’s him (well at least half of him, the other half looks pretty much the same, so I’m sure you can imagine the full Phil) (yes, this is an “artsy” picture I took, but it’s the most recent pic I have….so you’ll just have to take what you can get), and he’s about the best husband that a runner could have (yes I know, I know….but you’ll just have to write your own blog about how YOUR husband is the best husband a runner could have, okay).

Reasons he’s the BEST!

  • He’s my #1 cheerleader.
  • He waits outside on Saturday’s to welcome me home from my long runs (usually with a big glass of OJ!!).
  • He never rolls his eyes when I say I need more running gear (at least not that I can see, and that still counts).
  • When I’m feeling like I suck, and am not a “real” runner, he is always there to listen to me, and remind me that HE thinks I’m great.
  • He has confidence I can do this, especially when I don’t.
  • He makes me laugh (he calls my compression sleeves my “leg girdles”)
  • I know that he will be at every finish line (even if it’s only one) that I cross.
  • He’s always behind me 100% in life.
  • He humors me when I want to make one more stop at Academy, and will walk around holding all the stuff I’m looking through (even my….cough….PURSE sometimes).
  • Never complains about cleaning the bathrooms (this has nothing to do with running or being a runner’s spouse but it’s pretty awesome anyway!).
  • I really couldn’t ask for a better life partner than the one I’ve been blessed with!

Thanks, Sweetie, for being such a great runner’s spouse. I couldn’t do half of what I do (running or not) without you by my side!



Magnificent Lazy-Butt

My husband and I have very strange senses of humor, which is fine because we like it. Today he told me he “could stand a little more hero worship around here”. I asked him if calling him “Lazy Butt” would be considered hero worship, and he said, “Only if you call me, ‘Oh, Magnificent Lazy-Butt”. I love our marriage! (As a disclaimer (and so people don’t think I’m a horrible wife) anyone who knows my husband knows he’s not a lazy butt. I know he’s not a lazy butt and tell him that quite often. This is all said in good fun and with both of us laughing hysterically….) (yes, we are both easily amused).

I ran a bit today (20min/ 1.55 miles) at a VERY “comfortable” pace (meaning: “slow”…. but “comfortable” sounds so much better). Over all jim was good, so I think if I’m just careful and don’t get all stupid (meaning: going faster than I know I should) things may just be okay. I’m hoping that this issue will go away sometime in the near future, and that I haven’t done something irreversible. I guess all I can do is go on from here, and just learn from my mistakes. I just wish that mistakes didn’t have to hurt so much!

Lots of good giveaways out there in the running blog world. Make sure to go check them out (the list is over on the right). Thanks to all the great companies and people (some bloggers purchase the stuff they are giving away with their resources) for being so generous!

Hope your Sunday has been a great one. Good luck and congrats to everyone who ran this weekend!