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Embracing Limits and Such

Embrace —Synonyms
2.  adopt, espouse, welcome. 3.  seize. 7.  comprise, cover, embody.

Apparently, I’m not built for speed. I try… over and over. But it seems the only things I accomplish when I try to speed things up are a) finishing at the same pace as my slow runs (how exactly this happens I’m unsure) and 2) I hurt myself. Since neither of these outcomes are stellar, I’ve decided to just let it go, and embrace what I am!

Onto other things. Over at SUAR Beth blogged about the Subway Commit to Fit challenge. The whole idea is to make a commitment to healthier choices. Anyone who knows me, knows that I think diets are HORRIBLE and rarely work. Bottom line is the faster you take off the weight, the faster it comes back and brings it’s friends (evil, evil, evil). But choosing to make one healthy change usually has a ripple effect that spreads across your entire life. The easier it is to make that change(deciding to walk outside 2 nights a week for 30 minutes), the more likely it will become part of who you are and as a result is more likely to hang around.

Crystal, over at Am I runner… or just crazy, is celebrating her 6 month anniversary with running (yes, we runners do odd things like that). Congrats to her!! What a great commitment to a healthy change! Her post got me to looking at my dates. Today (10/7/10) marks my 277th day of my lifestyle change. 40 weeks…. approximately 10 months! That is almost a YEAR! (and yes, I make my parents proud of my mad math skills… college really paid off).

Back on February 4th of this year I blogged about habits (here is the link if you would like to read that brilliant work of literature). And how for changes that are hard it could take long time for them become part of your regular routine. But, isn’t that what makes things great? Those things that are hard, take a lot of work and investment, and really hang around? A great marriage, a great friendship, a great family? All those things develop over time. All those things make you want to cry, want to quit sometimes, but you know they are worth digging deep for and hanging on to. And when you finally realize that they are part of who you are, you’d never change a thing.

That’s what one healthy change can become. That’s what deciding to run on the treadmill one day in Dec. of 2009 did for me. That’s what saying “yes” to running a half marathon did in my life. Will I ever become an elite runner, no. But can I say that running has changed my life for the better, yes. I’m glad I’ve stuck to it; aches, pains and all.

Whatever that one change is for you… embrace it! Now, where’s my chocolate….


Howdy Stranger!

I haven’t blogged in a while, but not because I haven’t been running! I just logged: 244.77 miles in my quest for 1005, day 111 out of 365, and week 16. Running is beginning to become something I actually look forward to, and find that I feel better through out the day if I do it. This is good, as I hope it’s an indicator of keeping it up for the long term.

This past Saturday, I ran my first 6 miles! I felt pretty good through out the whole thing and even got the chance to run through some hail (If said like a true Texan I can say “I ran through “hail” and back” and it sounds pretty much like a bad word). When I started out it was humid (blech… it’s hard to run in humid weather) and overcast but no rain or anything. Then at about mile 3 it started to sprinkle then tiny hail appeared. I was going to cut my run short (I’m not crazy!!) but after about two minutes it stopped, and I decided to finish it out. There was one killer hill (I was a very slow incline, but it seemed to last FOREVER) that I had to walk at the end, but I pretty much kept my 5/1 interval and finished with an overall pace of 11:43 which is a whole 12 seconds FASTER than my pace on my last 5 miler (2 weeks prior)! Yay! At least I know that I can finish 6 miles and still walk and talk after it’s over.

I hope that whatever you put your mind to do, you have success (unless you put your mind towards robbing a bank, then not so much). Have a great week and keep pursuing what it is God has put in you to pursue!!

Blender Woes

The things you learn when you start something new. I never knew how well (or “not” well) our blender worked, as I could probably count on one hand the times I’ve used it since we got it about 6 years ago. Phil is the blender user in the family. But that has changed since all of this half marathon business. My normal breakfast “routine” (if you can call it breakfast) is half a cup of coffee. I know, I know… bad me. But since starting this torture training I have come to appreciate something a little more substantial in the morning. My new routine consists of a banana before going to the gym and then a smoothie (Erin, you’ll be pleased to know the first time I typed that it came out “smootie”…) when I get back. I didn’t know a blender could moan. I like THICK smoothies, while Phil has an inclination for thinner ones, and this may explain why he’s never found a problem with our current blender. Unfortunately when I use it, I’m surprised not to see smoke. I have to poke, and prod, and shake, and shake some more… then finally it starts to blend. I get very frustrated and want to chuck the thing out the window. So today, after struggling for 20 minutes (if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’) to make my poor ailing daughter a smoothie to sooth her sore throat, I threw in the towel. Phil “o.k.’d” me to buy an new blender, so my search began.

I reviewed probably every blender known to man, and a couple probably only known to those who live on Mars. I looked at $29 blenders and $499 blenders (not that the $499 ones were even a consideration.. but I looked anyway). What I wanted was one that could blend ice and frozen fruit to a very smooth texture without exploding or catching fire (and one that didn’t cost $499). So, after much searching, and reading and more searching;  the blender I decided on was the KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender with Polycarbonate Jar (in the attractive and fun “pear” color).

I got it from Sears, because I had a $25 gift card that could go towards the cost. It was more expensive than our previous blender purchases, but I hoping this is a case of “you get what you pay for”. The customer reviews on Amazon were mostly good (kinda like mostly dead… my lame attempt at humor here), and I’m hoping that it will help in my smoothie making endeavors. I think it’s supposed to  come in somtime next week and will let you know how it works… I hope I can give it “two thumbs way up”!