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Oh, The Runs!

NO… not those kinds of runs…. these are FUN runs!

The Jelly Bean Virtual Race

The first one is a virtual 5-10k hosted by Jess. She lives in Peoria, which is right next to where my family lives. While I can’t be in Peoria to run with her, I will be running here in texas. Check out the link (her name) to get involved in this fun race. (it’s a super cute race bib!!)


Tyler Azalea 10k

Then there’s the Tyler Azalea 10k coming up THIS month! This is such a GREAT course through the Historic Azalea district of Tyler. The flowers are in full bloom and just beautiful. If you are in the area, you definitely need to check this run out. I ran it last year, and think I’m going to make it a tradition!

Kilgore’s Cake Chase

The last one, is the first annual Kilgore Historic Society Cake Chase. I’m automatically IN for anything to do with free cake! My son is thinking of doing this one with me. YAY! I haven’t checked out the course yet, but it sounds like it’s pretty much in my neighborhood (literally). And, well, like I said earlier… there is free cake. What more needs to be said?

Alpine Heart and Sole

I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to have the time to squeeze this run in as well. I did it last year, with my friend Pamela, and had a great time. For right now, it’s at the back of my brain.

Hope you have a GREAT week!!


Jelly Beans & Walking

I just found out about The Jelly Bean virtual race hosted by RUN WITH JESS. It’s going on until tomorrow, so get on over there and sign up! You can either sign up for the 5k or the 10k (that’s the one I entered). And, you could even win one of several “door prizes”… how cool is that? So what are you waiting for, GO SIGN UP!!

This week has been a walking week. I’ve been putting in the miles, just in a different form. My BFF told me about the Leslie Sansone videos Walk at Home, so I decided to give them a try! I always like have more options for cross train days (and I really like walking too). This is the package I purchased:

I bought this for my daughter to use as well. It has dvds for: mini walks (1 mile walks I think), 2 miles, 3 miles and 4 miles; and it comes with resistance bands. I am in LOVE with the 4 mile video! I use the bands for mile 1 and 2. Mile 3 is just regular, then durning mile 4 they do intervals with upper and lower body resistance training. It truly is a total body work out.

Of course, you get out of it what you put into it, but the music is fast and you can even jog if you want to. GREAT STUFF! If you are looking for something to do at home (rain, snow, heat?? no problem!) I would recommend this series. I think I’m going to check out some other videos that she offers too. Oh, and I appreciate that she uses all sizes and shapes of people in her videos! It’s very refreshing!

I’m taking today off. But will be running my 10k tomorrow. WooHoo! I think I’m almost ready to get back out there and hit the road! I will be officially start training for my next Half (scheduled for 10/9/11) on June 5th. I’m excited!

In other life news (not related to running, except that I ate a cookie, a brownie and a cupcake which will require some running), we had a fun bunch of people over last night to hang out!

Here’s about half of the Motley Crew (or Crue…if you’re 80’s like me). The other half had yet to arrive. It was a great time of laughing, eating and just chillin’ for a while. A big THANKS to everyone who came!!

Hope you all have a GREAT Easter weekend!