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I’m Back!

The months of June and July were  great months. Not for running, but for other things. The kids went to summer camps, and attended theatre workshops and academies. I worked at Technical Coordinator on two shows this summer. We went to places to see family and friends and even slipped in a trip to Colorado… just Phil and myself. Suffice it to say, they were  VERY busy months. It did wreak a little havoc on my running though. I didn’t stop completely, but I did find that I just had to put it in it’s spot and say, “If I don’t get to it today, it will still be okay”.

I’d like to say the rest did me good, but now that August has come, and things are beginning to slow down again (I’m getting school stuff in order and that feels GREAT… I love a good schedule) I feel that I’m not starting COMPLETELY over, but have some ground to make back up. And THAT’S OKAY. On my daily runs I still average 4 miles, I’m just a tad slower on my pace than I was in May… but THAT’S OKAY. I get a winded just a little faster, but say it with me now… THAT’S OKAY. It’s life, and one thing I have learned is: LIFE WILL GO ON. Regardless of my schedules and agenda. I need to let go and enjoy the journey.

I’m excited to be getting back on track. Beth and I are still planning on the 10k in October and the half in January…. so I will lace up my Asics and hit the road again! Enjoy the journey!!


There and Back Again

This past Saturday I did my first 7 mile run. Of course this set a new PR (75′ 47″) for 10k mileage, since I have never run that distance before. It was a good run, and I felt pretty good throughout. I will probably hover here on long runs (between 5-7 miles) for a while, and work on improving my speed. I would really like to get my 10k time down to around 70 minutes, but I’m not sure how feasible that is. My fastest pace right now is 5.5 but that is on runs of 3.5 miles or less. However, I think if I really work I can get to that speed on a longer run. We’ll just have to see. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with just having COMPLETED a 7 miler! This week also marked the completing of a 4 mile run during one of my short weekly runs. I hope to make 4 miles a consistent distance for my runs during the week.

We are heading to IL this week to hang out with my family. I’m actually looking to my long run on Saturday, as area my family lives in has a great trail, for biking, running and walking that I’m going to try out! I’ll let you know how that goes.

Howdy Stranger!

I haven’t blogged in a while, but not because I haven’t been running! I just logged: 244.77 miles in my quest for 1005, day 111 out of 365, and week 16. Running is beginning to become something I actually look forward to, and find that I feel better through out the day if I do it. This is good, as I hope it’s an indicator of keeping it up for the long term.

This past Saturday, I ran my first 6 miles! I felt pretty good through out the whole thing and even got the chance to run through some hail (If said like a true Texan I can say “I ran through “hail” and back” and it sounds pretty much like a bad word). When I started out it was humid (blech… it’s hard to run in humid weather) and overcast but no rain or anything. Then at about mile 3 it started to sprinkle then tiny hail appeared. I was going to cut my run short (I’m not crazy!!) but after about two minutes it stopped, and I decided to finish it out. There was one killer hill (I was a very slow incline, but it seemed to last FOREVER) that I had to walk at the end, but I pretty much kept my 5/1 interval and finished with an overall pace of 11:43 which is a whole 12 seconds FASTER than my pace on my last 5 miler (2 weeks prior)! Yay! At least I know that I can finish 6 miles and still walk and talk after it’s over.

I hope that whatever you put your mind to do, you have success (unless you put your mind towards robbing a bank, then not so much). Have a great week and keep pursuing what it is God has put in you to pursue!!

Still Running

Yep, I’m still running. Did my second 5 miler on Sunday and my pace was a whole 5 seconds faster than the last time! I’ve been busy with play production, and I can feel it when I run. I’m pretty tired (late night/ early mornings) so I’m dragging just a bit. BUT, I’m running and that’s all that matters. This week is packed, but I’ll run on Thurs and again on Sunday. We have a Saturday rehearsal, so that kinda knocks that day out. My attitude is pretty good, and I ordered a second pair of Asics for Mother’s Day. I figure I’ll switch back and forth between my older ones, and my new ones. I have about 150+ miles on the old ones, so this should be a good time to do it. Can’t think of anything else at the moment. Have a good one!

10 Weeks

This week marks the tenth week of my “new regimen”! TEN WEEKS! That is crazy to think about. I think it’s starting to become part of my lifestyle, at least I hope it is. Today was a cross-train day, so I decided to walk, and I could really notice a big difference from 10 weeks ago. Today I WALKED at 4.1 mph. While that may not seem majorly fast, when I started this whole thing my “running” pace was 4.3 mph…. and that was with me breathing HARD by 2 or 3 minutes (okay… maybe at even 1 minute). Today’s walk was a breeze my heart rate never got up above 120. I felt great.

I know I am no where near a fast runner (not sure I’ll ever be considered that), but when I run outside I average about 5.0 mph and I’m very happy with that. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to a 10 minute mile, and really if I never do, I think I’ll be able to still be very happy. My whole goal is to do something that I CAN maintain, and WANT to maintain. I want to keep it enjoyable and fun. I suppose if that means never getting to a 10 minute mile, it’s okay. If it means getting to a 10 minute mile, that’s okay too. See, I’m totally flexible.

Just keep running…..

Not much to post really. I’ve just been doing my thing, back on schedule. I’m feeling really good, and have 115.63 total miles under my belt! I’m am very happy with that result thus far, although I’m not sure it’s enough right now to meet my goal for 1005 miles for the year. I know I have some more long mileage coming up, so I may just make it. Even if I don’t, I’m still going to be proud that I’ve stuck to my guns. Of course there are days when my attitude is less than enthusiastic, but so far I have been able to drag my uncooperative butt out and get it done.  Some days aren’t pretty and I feel like a slug running along, but it gets done and that’s all I can really ask (on those days….). Well, I guess that’s all for this post, like I said not much happening… but thanks for your encouragement as it means so much to me! Keep moving!

This Week

Well, my running for this week is done. Yay! I have to admit that I really had to make myself do it this go around. Monday came, and I found myself developing a sore throat (thanks to my daughter), and that kind of wore me down. BUT, I can say I did it. My attitude might not have been the best, but I did each day, and am proud that I got in there, buckled down and did what needed to be done. I’m feeling better and I hope next week isn’t as much as a struggle.