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This is my run from yesterday. I decided to throw some fartlek training into my schedule, so I warmed up a bit for 3 minutes and then did 6 1 minute intervals, then ran at the slower pace for 5 minutes, then a cool down. This run was…. AWESOME! I felt great through out the whole run, and finished 3 miles in UNDER 30 minutes! It doesn’t take me much to make me happy.

Here’s a shot of my splits. Technically Nike+ said I only ran 2.99 miles (when I transferred it to Daily Mile it said 2.99887 or some number like that… REALLY Nike+??), so my last split would be around 9:44.┬áToday my legs feel fantastic and am not sore at all. This really makes me think I can do this speed increase thing! I looking forward to try my shoes on a longer run. Hopefully I can fit that in Wednesday or Friday.

Hope you all have a great Easter!


Reunited and it Feels SO Good!

Today was my first run after a week off. It felt FANTASTIC! I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I just couldn’t do it! The weather was perfect, and even though I didn’t start until 9am, I had a beautiful 66 degrees for my reunion with running. After a summer of upper 70’s to low 80’s this was heaven.

I’m sure that the combination of rest, compression sleeves and new shoes all worked together, as I had a pain free run. I took it easy and did 3.73 miles for an overall pace of 10:53 pace. I am very happy with that!

I’ll run again on Sunday as the day tomorrow is packed full of kid activities. It looks like this weather is hanging around for a while, so I’m pumped!

total miles for September: 61!

(even with a week off).

Hope you enjoy your weekend!