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Feeling Good


Morning Run

I’ve just started the 3rd week of the C25K program, and am feeling good. The mornings, here in Texas, have finally started to cool down and getting out an running has been a pleasure (temp wise). I’m hoping that is a trend of weather to come…we’ll see. It is TEXAS after all. The shot above is one from my iphone, shot sometime last week.

I’m contemplating registering again for the Miracle Match Half. This is the same Half that kicked off this whole crazy adventure in my life. It will be Jan. 27th in Waco, so I have plenty of time to get ready, and I’ve decided, if I run it, I would do so only for fun. No A, B or C goals. No goal times. No nothing. Simply to run and have a good time on the course. Having run it before, I know what to expect (hill wise) and when to expect it. And I believe I can finish in a better place, physically AND mentally, than last time.

I’ve made no firm decisions YET, but hope to in the near future. It would be fun to have something to “work” toward with my running again….at least for a little while.

Besides all of this, I’ve been OBSESSED with my iPhone and Instagram (and all the camera/ photo editing apps I have on it). Here are just a few of my favorite shots, all shot and edited with my iPhone 4:

Some old Coke bottles at a local antique store

my nephew at the park

some old roller skates my son picked up at Canton

my daughter working on an art project

a SWEET old Thunderbird

my son spray-painting at Cadillac Ranch

Have a GREAT day!


Tyler Rose Half Marathon

Yes, well… I’ve been absent from blog land for quite some time. I don’t have any really great excuses, just life and job and commitments have set some limits on my time. Including my time for running. Since April I’ve been off and on with running, fitting it in when able and doing some cross training too (elliptical, etc.)

Way back on 01-09-11 I posted this about the Tyler Rose Half Marathon. I was excited and had every intention on training for it, like I had for the Waco Half. I even filled out my calendar with my training schedule and everything. Then, well, LIFE got in the way (hate how that seems to happen) and I promptly FORGOT that I had entered. Which meant I didn’t start training either.

About a week ago (one week before the event) I got a reminder email about the Half. The first thought I had was, “No way am I even going to run that thing. That would be craziness!”

Well, I guess I’m crazy.

The more I thought about it the more the idea of a “DNF” (did not finish) bugged me. Plus, there was this small idea of  “you only live once” germinating in my brain. I mean, I’m healthy and have been keeping up with exercising so I wasn’t out of shape. It’s just that I hadn’t been TRAINING for a half… so it would be crazy to participate, right?

I prayed and talked about the pros and cons with God on my way to work. The race had a 6 hour time limit, so I knew even if I walked the whole thing, I could still finish. I texted Phil, “You are going to think I’m crazy, but…” and decided to go for it.

I also decided I wanted to keep this personal. Just Phil and myself knew, and I really wanted it to stay that way. I’m not sure why, maybe less pressure to perform but it is what it is.

From the get-go I threw any goals out the window. My ONLY goal was to finish. Whether that was 3 hours or 6 hours, I didn’t care. This was for fun, for the joy of getting out there and enjoying the process of running. Enjoying the course. That’s it.

I settled on a very easy 2/1 interval with a very relaxed pace on the running part. I wasn’t sure how my legs would respond so I also decided on walking the hills (and it was a hilly course). On Friday (the race was on Sunday) I headed out for an easy 3.5 miles to see how that interval felt. It was super easy, so I felt good about the prospects for the Half.

On Sunday, I set out a 6:05 am to head for Tyler. Phil got up to make coffee and see me off, but didn’t go with me. Our plan was for him to drop the kids off at church (we attend one in Tyler) and then head over the the finish line. It felt weird not having him with me; but I got all checked-in, pinned my bib on and found a good spot to wait for the start of the Half at 8am.

Number 527, pretty good if I say so myself.

One of my favorite things about races are all the people, and people watching. Purple spandex on men should be illegal, by the way (especially if worn by itself). Beth, I think this same guy was at the Waco Half. Remember the guy with the rainbow lei’s?

Anyway, the weather was perfect and the race was great. We started right at 8am, and I finished right at 11 am… 3 hours. I did some MAJOR walking at mile 11 and then for mile 12-12.9 I had to switch my interval to 1 run/2 walk. But I finished the last .2 miles or so running, and ran over the finish line, so I was happy.

See how happy I am.

Phil was waiting right there at the finish. He said he had only been there about 5 minutes before I crossed the line (he was actually worried that he had missed me). I got my medal and a bottle of water and walked around for a bit, then found a bench to sit.

Time to sit.

Overall, I felt GREAT. My legs were a bit crampy, but that’s really it. Of course, I was tired, but never felt taxed that way during the run. I was tempted SEVERAL times to run longer than what I had settled on for my plan… that whole pride thing I think. But, each time I told myself that’s not what I was there for. It was a good run, and I have my second Half medal.

My mom asked if this was motivation to train more now. I’m not sure. I’d probably like to run this one again next year, and maybe just make it an annual thing. However I think it would probably be good to get at least a couple 9 milers in before hand (ie: a little more training that I had for this one).

So, if there is something out there that seems like it would be pure craziness to do… you might want to reconsider.  Sometimes you just have to do something that makes no sense at all.

Have a GREAT week!

Miracle Match Recap

My family! I couldn’t have done it without them!

Here it is… finally! My race report. Life has been crazy lately, and I’m just now getting a chance to sit down and get it done. Let me say first I am SO glad I did this. It was a wonderful experience and I’m glad that I stuck with it and finished what I set out to do. My “A” goal was to complete the race and I did that. I didn’t accomplish my “B” and “C” goals, and I can finally say that’s okay. I’ll be honest, there was a bit of disappointment with time, but I’m giving myself grace on that issue. My whole family was there to support me, which made it an incredible experience! The only thing better would to have been to actually run it WITH Beth, but we will do it together SOMETIME! Now on to the recap!


Fueling up before the race. Notice it’s still dark…. don’t ask about the face, because I don’t know. Notice the nice straight hair….


My number. I was glad that “13” was it there, since it’s one of my lucky numbers! Again, don’t ask about the face… it was early.


I placed myself at the very END of the starting line.


Beth, Jude (my kiddo) and I. I think I’m talking to Rachel, but I’m not sure.


Me and my biggest Cheerleader!


My Mom. I’m telling her not to cry… but she cried anyway.

The cutest Cheerleader EVER!!


My support crew. You can’t read Judah’s sign, but it says “Run.” yes, with the period.


I think this is around mile 5ish, maybe 5.5


Giving the 2 thumbs up! I was feeling so good at this point.

The first part of the run was fantastic! The weather was perfect and I was feeling strong. My left calf hurt through the entire race, but it was a “bearable” hurt. You know, the kind that is there, but you can put it aside and just run through it. There were so many watches beeping, that it took me a while to get used to it, and not look at mine every time one went off. The course took us through the zoo, and that was fun. There were so many people out cheering us on during that part of the race. I was in a groove and feeling very good up until the massive hill around mile 9.

Letting the crew know that Chris and Hunter were on their way to join them. Either that or I was doing the hand jive…


Between mile 12 and 13. I was working through the WORST leg/ calf cramps of my LIFE.

That hill took it’s toll on me! I think I made the mistake of trying trying to run up it, instead of just letting myself walk it. Rookie mistake, probably. I think that decision brought on the massive leg cramps at mile 10 that stuck with me the rest of the race. I have NEVER had cramping like this before. My right quad felt like a huge golf ball, and my calves were making my toes curl under! At every station I would fuel and grab a banana, but none of that helped. Needless to say, this caused me to walk much of Mile 10-12. I was bummed, but what are you going to do. At least I didn’t quit!

The final stretch. I “sprinted” to the finish line…. kinda… but I was running!


My medal! Notice the not-so-nice not straight hair….


My family! (Beth, Chris and Hunter are behind the camera)

My finishing time was 2:54:12; about 10 minutes slower that what I would have liked it to be. I know that I did the best I could under the circumstances, but it made the moment a little bitter-sweet. BUT, I had my whole family there cheering me on. Every time I saw them I’d get this huge boost and renewed determination. Coming into the end, I saw my Dad up on the bridge and I knew I could finish and finish strong. It was GREAT and  I’ve already signed up for my next half, on Oct. 9th and am really looking forward to it!

The trophy Phil got for me. This is what it said:




JANUARY 30, 2011″

Phil got me a trophy! Poor guy stayed up late one night to order it, and you can see what the inscription said. He has a replacement with everything spelled right, but there is NO WAY I’m replacing it! Who else has completed a “Half Marathong”? We were all trying to figure out which half it was…..

Thanks for sticking with me through all of this adventure! Your encouragement and support has been one of the things that has kept me going. THANK YOU! I plan to keep on running with a 10k scheduled for March and then the half in October (perhaps another half next January?). This has been an incredible life changing journey, thanks for sharing it with me!

Until then, happy running!



Let the Countdown Begin

It’s hard to believe that over a year ago, this whole thing started. It sure doesn’t seem that long, but it is. In a little over a week, I’ll be participating in my first Half Marathon! WOW!

If you had asked me 2 years ago if I thought I’d even run a half marathon, I would have looked at you like you had a screw loose. Me, RUN?? I mean RUN AT ALL?? Yeah, right! Running was for people being chased by deadly weapons. Running was for weirdos who had nothing better to do (like sleep in) on a Saturday morning. Running was NOT in my game plan. No way, no how.

I’m not sure what changed, but something did. At the end of December 2009 I started to jog on the treadmill at the gym for a few minutes. It felt good, so I kept adding time. Then in January the subject of another Half for Beth came up. At first, I wasn’t convinced… but eventually the idea took root and this blog was a result. NOW… a year later…. IT IS TIME (said very dramatically, of course)!

I’m excited! I’m ready! This Monday I had my 14 mile run. While it was slow, I felt GREAT. I could walk when it was over, and I even was able to do things the rest of the day. I have no doubts that I can finish this Half, and finish strong and in the end that is what it’s all about. Also, my parents are driving down from IL to cheer me on! How awesome is that?? Okay, the idea of getting to meet SIL’s little boy might have been a motivating factor as well… but, I’ll share.

The rest of my mileage is low, and I hope to get a run or two in this week, but I want to make sure that I give my legs plenty of time to rest after the 14 miles. I’m not really good at recaps, but I will try to have a good one to post after the race is over.

Hope you have a GREAT Wednesday!


Hey there! It’s cold, rainy and just a great day here today so I thought I’d blog! Got my coffee and am snug and warm in my house enjoying the rain/sleet mix here in Texas (basically a blizzard to us Southerners). I have homemade potato soup simmering on the stove and feel just like Martha Stewart (no, it doesn’t matter that I haven’t taken down the Christmas decorations nor made my bed yet…).

I’ve found another Half that I’d like to run in October, the Tyler Rose Half. It’s only the second year that they will be doing this, and I’m excited to participate, in fact I’ve already registered! I would have liked to have participated in 2010, but I didn’t find out about it soon enough. Ironically, it was held on the same day that Beth and I originally thought we would be running the half in Waco. This year it’s on the 9th of October, and I’m really hoping (HINT HINT) that Beth will be able to run this one with me!

I’m also going to run the Cherry Festival 5k in Washington, IL sometime in June. My family lives in Washington, so I should have a lot of people to cheer me on! They are also having a logo competition, so I’m going to submit this one:

The theme is “Survivor Washington”.

In other news, Beth R. over at Shut Up and Run had an exciting announcement. If you haven’t read about it you should head over there and give her some congrats… it’s quite an accomplishment! (man, is that a great teaser or what??) I’ve made it easy for you, if you click on the link it will take you right to the post.

3 weeks to go!


Hey there! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Now it’s time to start looking toward the New Year, and everything involved with that (yeah, those pesky things called resolutions….).

I’ve been reading through my blog list and this post got my attention. In it Robin (the author) was talking about her feelings toward running. How, while she enjoyed it, she could not say that she was passionate about it. She went to list the things that she enjoyed about running. It’s an interesting, thought provoking post, and you should go read it.

It got me thinking (see, I said it was thought provoking). What is MY attitude toward running. What space does running fill in my life. What space do I want running to fill in my life. What am I passionate about? Do I really want to go there? Questions, questions, questions. Sometimes it’s easier not to answer the questions.

Here’s a dirty little secret… I usually avoid making resolutions at New Years. It just takes the pressure off. Lazy? Safe? I don’t know, but it is what it is.

But this year I do have a couple of goals I’d like to at least attempt to meet:

1. Possibly run 1000 miles in 2011. In a 52 week year I would have to run approximately 19.23 miles a week. That’s roughly 4 more miles a week than I currently run. While I believe it’s possible with my three day a week running schedule that really doesn’t give me any time off. So we’ll see. I WOULD however, like to run more miles than I did this year. My total miles for this year (strictly running miles) is right around 622. I know I can do more next year!

2. I would like to run at least one more Half this year. Since Beth won’t be able to run this one with me, I’d like to run one with her!

3. I would like to run more 5k and 10k’s this year.

4. I would like to keep on running.

There you go. Those are my running goals for 2011. Pretty simple, and pretty attainable.

In other news, it is now officially one month and a day until the Miracle Match Half! Here is what the rest of my weekends look like:

  • This week I ran 12.5 miles on Tuesday for my long run
  • 1/8- 4 miles
  • 1/14- 14 miles
  • 1/22- 5 miles
  • 1/30- HALF MARATHON!

Do you see that 14 miles in there?? YIKES! But AFTER I run that, I will have no doubt that I can finish the half. So it’s all good (this schedule is taken from the Jeff Galloway website for half marathon training).

I hope you all have a great New Years celebration! Be safe!