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Okay, so I’ve realized something. While I recognize I will probably never place in my age group (unless of course I’m still running when I’m 99 and there are only 2 other people in my category), I can run faster than what I’ve been telling myself I can run.  I think I’ve been phoning it in lately, and I’m not sure that I like that. It’s been two years since I’ve started this journey, and I think I’m finally ready to BAM, Kick it up a Notch (but just so we’re clear.. NOT a Carl Lewis notch).

To help with this endeavor I purchased some new shoes:

After much research I went with Asics Gel-Neo 33. They are more along the minimal line than my current shoes, but are still in the Stability category. I’ve run about 6 miles total in them so far and gotta say, I LOVE THEM. I think they encourage a mid-foot strike much more than my Kayanos, and they are much lighter to boot (8.5oz compared to 10.4). Both runs were around 3 miles and I averaged 10:54 on Friday  and 10:13 today. While this isn’t jaw dropping, it is much faster than I usually run. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like the black, but it’s growing on me….plus it was my only color option. During and after my legs felt fantastic. I did feel a little more “tiredness” (for lack of a better description)  in the ball area of my foot, but I think that could be due to the whole mid-foot strike thing. The next day, my legs still felt great. So I’m taking that as a good sign. I’ve yet to wear them on a longer run, but will do so soon.

I’m running a 5k in April, and my goal is to train to feel comfortable at a 10:00  to 10:15 avg. pace. I’m also thinking about signing up for Longview’s Alley Fest 10k in May and seeing if I can PR. My overall goal is to have a faster “base” when I start training for the Tyler Rose Half in June (the half is in October). We shall see how all this goes.

In the end, my running has to be fun or I won’t do it. But at the same time I think I can give more than what I’m giving. I like the idea of pushing myself a little bit further (every 2 years isn’t too bad).


Happy Running (or whatever makes you happy)!




Hey there! Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Now it’s time to start looking toward the New Year, and everything involved with that (yeah, those pesky things called resolutions….).

I’ve been reading through my blog list and this post got my attention. In it Robin (the author) was talking about her feelings toward running. How, while she enjoyed it, she could not say that she was passionate about it. She went to list the things that she enjoyed about running. It’s an interesting, thought provoking post, and you should go read it.

It got me thinking (see, I said it was thought provoking). What is MY attitude toward running. What space does running fill in my life. What space do I want running to fill in my life. What am I passionate about? Do I really want to go there? Questions, questions, questions. Sometimes it’s easier not to answer the questions.

Here’s a dirty little secret… I usually avoid making resolutions at New Years. It just takes the pressure off. Lazy? Safe? I don’t know, but it is what it is.

But this year I do have a couple of goals I’d like to at least attempt to meet:

1. Possibly run 1000 miles in 2011. In a 52 week year I would have to run approximately 19.23 miles a week. That’s roughly 4 more miles a week than I currently run. While I believe it’s possible with my three day a week running schedule that really doesn’t give me any time off. So we’ll see. I WOULD however, like to run more miles than I did this year. My total miles for this year (strictly running miles) is right around 622. I know I can do more next year!

2. I would like to run at least one more Half this year. Since Beth won’t be able to run this one with me, I’d like to run one with her!

3. I would like to run more 5k and 10k’s this year.

4. I would like to keep on running.

There you go. Those are my running goals for 2011. Pretty simple, and pretty attainable.

In other news, it is now officially one month and a day until the Miracle Match Half! Here is what the rest of my weekends look like:

  • This week I ran 12.5 miles on Tuesday for my long run
  • 1/8- 4 miles
  • 1/14- 14 miles
  • 1/22- 5 miles
  • 1/30- HALF MARATHON!

Do you see that 14 miles in there?? YIKES! But AFTER I run that, I will have no doubt that I can finish the half. So it’s all good (this schedule is taken from the Jeff Galloway website for half marathon training).

I hope you all have a great New Years celebration! Be safe!





A Winner is Me!


Today was my 11 mile run. It was AWESOME! I felt sooooo good. I mapped out my route. Drove my route. Rehearsed my route mentally. I ate sensibly the night before (even though we went to Bruno’s and their pizza is to die for, I only ate 2 small slices!). I got up. Drank some coffee. Pooped (sorry, but I did and I was thankful, empty bowels are happy bowels on an 11 mile run). I GU’d and hydrated before leaving. I prepared my water bottle for Phil to meet me with at mile 6. I had my Bondi hat. I was ready!

I had a plan, and I was DETERMINED to stick with that plan. My intervals were 3/1 and I stuck with them religiously. I kept my pace slow at the beginning intentionally. And it all worked. As Hannibal would say (from the A-Team… not Lecter mind you.. HE would say something like “with fava beans and a nice Chianti” and it really wouldn’t fit this blog post at all…. )”I LOVE it when a plan comes together!”

I finished today in 2 hours and 9 minutes (11:46). Even better, I finished and was able to WALK! WooHoo! I mean my legs were tired, but I didn’t have any cramping like I did the last time.  IF I am able to do this in January, that should put me finishing the Half at a little over 2.5 hours. Today, at mile 9, I picked up the pace and finished with an empty tank. For the Half, I’m going to wait a while longer before doing that, and hopefully finish as strong as I did today.

Here are my A, B, C goals for the Half:

A Goal: To FINISH!

B Goal: to finish with a 12:00 pace

C Goal: to finish with an 11:00 pace


That’s it. Keeping it simple.


Well, that’s it for today! Hope you all have a great weekend!

It’s All Relative

I’ve got to keep reminding myself that’s it all relative. What, you ask, is all relative? Why pace of course! I had a very gentle sweet reminder of that today on my Daily Mile activity.

For the last week or so, I’ve been nursing a calf strain. It’s just now starting to feel better, so I’m taking it slow and easing back into my weekly runs. When I logged today’s mileage I wrote, “Nice slow run on the treadmill. I think I’m going to move it back outside on Thursday. Leg felt really good.” (my pace was 12:28), and really didn’t think anything about it after that.

A few hours later, I checked back in and a blogging friend Meredith had made this comment, “I am going to trade the word “slow” for “relaxed” in my mind, because your slow pace is my GOAL pace! LOL”. I know that she was joking, but her comment really made me think about perspective.

Now, usually I’m the one reading something and saying…. “man, they just don’t see how fast they are going right?”…. or, “I could only DREAM of having a time in a half that he/she is complaining about”….. “their BAD race is my DREAM race” (you get the idea).

Each of us have our own goals and abilities, and while this doesn’t mean we can’t be honest (I felt that today my run was slow) with what we say; it might do us good to step back and look at our accomplishments. Yeah, I ran “relaxed” (I’m choosing to use Meredith’s rephrasing of my pace) for 4 miles, but hey! I ran the 4 miles. Yeah, you might have finished your half in 3+ hours (having still not run a half, I’m really unsure of what my time will be), but you chose to get out there and run it! I guess what I’m saying is that we all would probably be a little better off if we just cut ourselves some slack.

“Hey, I ate the whole bag of chips in one setting!! I SO ROCK!” (okay, maybe that’s not quite the goal you should aim for…. unless they are really GOOD chips).

Now, go cut yourself some slack and realize just how AWESOME you are!

(I got my goodies from Crystal’s giveaway in the mail today! A whole bunch of GU goodness that I can’t wait to try out. Thanks so much, Crystal!!)

The Relaxed Runner

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about this thing called “running”. It’s like a lot of things…it means different things to different people (bet that was a shocker…). I’m full of amazing facts…just ask my husband.

In the almost 40 years that I have been alive I’ve learned a couple of things (yes, literally 2 things): 1. Chocolate should be eaten at least once (okay, maybe 5 times) a day; and 2. You can’t live by someone else’s standards. Both of these are EXTREMELY important.

I can’t take someone’s idea of what a runner is and try to shape myself into it. I have to look inside of myself, and find out what it is that I want to accomplish out of this thing called “a running lifestyle”. For some it is pushing their bodies to the ultimate limits, and sometimes beyond those limits (kind like me with pantyhose). For others it’s racing in marathons and half marathons and 10ks and 5ks, competing against those in their age category to be the best. Then for some it’s being able to run without stopping to walk for whatever distance they’ve chosen. And all of these are great definitions of running (I honestly mean that, totally non-sarcastically… I REALLY DO). But they aren’t MY definition.

Here is mine. I’m calling myself a  “Relaxed Runner” .  I run for enjoyment, relaxation and health. I run to have some alone time. I don’t run to break records. I don’t run to be faster than others. I run with walk intervals. I run slow on some days, and what I would call fast on others (okay, let’s face it, by fast I mean a little faster than slow). I run because I want to eat brownies. I run because it’s fun. I have no desire to run 26.1 miles. I have no desire to push my body to its utter limits. I do have the desire to do the best I can with each run, but I don’t want to give running the dedication it would take to achieve what others would perceive as “greatness”. And I am very okay with that. I still read Runner’s World magazine, and read a lot of awesome blogs by a lot of awesome runners. But I’m ME, and always will be. This is what makes my running personal and meaningful. I believe it will also be what KEEPS me running. Because in the end, my goal is to keep running… for as long as I can (age wise, not like the Energizer Bunny).

I can honestly say I’ve been bitten by the running bug.

So, as you think about your running, parenting, job, life (whatever) really consider if you are doing it by YOUR standards or someone else’s. I encourage you to know why you do what you do… to OWN it and be YOU.

On a totally unrelated matter, I ordered some compression sleeves today. I’m hoping that on long runs they will help my legs out a little. I’ve read great things about them and will let you know how it goes!

Be YOU today!

Don’t get me wrong… I admire those people who do push themselves. I think it’s great (if not a little nuts) that they have the energy, desire and determination to do that.


I will be trying the GU on my 6 mile run TOMORROW. We celebrate a friends birthday last night… I had too much good Mexican food, played a great game and stayed up to0 late (yes, it’s sad when 10:30 is too late). So I will be doing that run on Sunday.

I’m Back!

The months of June and July were  great months. Not for running, but for other things. The kids went to summer camps, and attended theatre workshops and academies. I worked at Technical Coordinator on two shows this summer. We went to places to see family and friends and even slipped in a trip to Colorado… just Phil and myself. Suffice it to say, they were  VERY busy months. It did wreak a little havoc on my running though. I didn’t stop completely, but I did find that I just had to put it in it’s spot and say, “If I don’t get to it today, it will still be okay”.

I’d like to say the rest did me good, but now that August has come, and things are beginning to slow down again (I’m getting school stuff in order and that feels GREAT… I love a good schedule) I feel that I’m not starting COMPLETELY over, but have some ground to make back up. And THAT’S OKAY. On my daily runs I still average 4 miles, I’m just a tad slower on my pace than I was in May… but THAT’S OKAY. I get a winded just a little faster, but say it with me now… THAT’S OKAY. It’s life, and one thing I have learned is: LIFE WILL GO ON. Regardless of my schedules and agenda. I need to let go and enjoy the journey.

I’m excited to be getting back on track. Beth and I are still planning on the 10k in October and the half in January…. so I will lace up my Asics and hit the road again! Enjoy the journey!!

Move on Down the Road…

Just checking in. It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought it was time to say something. I have just logged 160 miles since January. That leaves me a measly 845 miles to go (until I reach my goal of 1005 miles for the year). That means I have finished 16%… only 84% remains. I am really unsure if I will reach my goal, but I’m going to give it my best shot. When you crunch the numbers it looks like this:  I’ve been running for 2 1/2 months, which in turn breaks down to about 6.4% per month. So, If I have 9 1/2 months left I will only get another 60.8% in (which I think leaves me 7.2% shy). BUT, my mileage will also increase as the year goes on, so I’m still holding out hope (I know you wanted a math lesson today).

In other news, well, I really don’t have other news. Play practice starts on Saturday, so that will keep me busy. The show is Tom Sawyer (with our local kids theater) and I’m going to be the stage manager. It should be fun. Other than that life is pretty much normal. Home school is going well… at least the kids seem intelligent, Phil’s working, and I’m doing laundry. I do a lot of laundry (especially since I’ve started running). I still haven’t figured out why this family has to have all these clothes, but what are ya going to do? In Heaven there will be no more laundry…. that’s for sure. Hope you have a great weekend!