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Who Me?? A Marathon!!??

Ok, so it’s not quite a marathon. It’s a half marathon. But when you’re ME, a half one looks a bit like a full one! This is my journey to October 2010, when I will participate in running (a term I’m trying to come to grips with) 13.1 miles. Actually, I really am looking forward to it… as much as a person could look forward to something like that. I get to run it with my awesome Sis in Law, so that’s a bonus too. I also have 9 months to prepare, and I figure if I can prepare to have a baby in 9 months time, I can prepare for this. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  As of right now, this very moment, I can “run” (run to me means a nice steady jog) 2.30 miles in 30 minutes. That seems like peanuts to what I need to do, but like the turtle said “Slow and steady wins the race” (although I’m not as concerned with winning as I am with finishing).

This blog is really just a place that I can post how I’m doing. My accomplishments… and my disappointments. Whine about my sore feet and any chaffing that might occur, and the general process I am about to undertake. I really hope it’s a joyful journey as well, one in which I can feel the satisfaction in accepting this challenge, meeting it head on, and doing something I’ve never done before. Will I become a “runner”? Well, I think by just competing in this I have, but I wonder if this will birth in me a new enjoyment that I’ve not had before. I guess only time can tell.

So, welcome and I hope you enjoy the journey with me… without the chaffing.