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Big Hug Friday

Who do you know who could use a hug today?

I know that Meredith over at Run is the New Walk could really use one, so I’m giving her a BIG virtual HUG. If you have time, stop by and give this young mom of two great kids some encouragement. After all, isn’t that what this big blogoshpere is really all about?

If you think of someone who could use this hug, feel free to pass it on.

Have a GREAT Friday!


Peeps Rock!

I woke up not feeling it. I didn’t want to go run. I was tired, sleepy just not in the mood to do it (that’s what she said… again I crack myself up). So,  I got on Facebook and put out a general call to my peeps for someone to tell me to get going. They rose up and met that challenge, and as a result gave me the motivation to get out there and run. It wasn’t my best day. I felt sluggish and slow. But, I ran 4 miles today five seconds faster than last Saturday. I ran 3.1 miles 13 seconds faster. My pace was one second faster. All of this encourages me, but not as much as all my friends on Facebook did.

I’m exhausted. More so than last week… who knew running 5 seconds faster could take it out of you like that! I’ve been taking Glucoseamine for my knees (mainly) and have been out of pills for a couple of days. I don’t know if it’s that, or just my general old age, but my knees are hurting more today than usual. I will probably take some Tylenol here in a bit. But in general, I feel really good. Bottom line… PEEPS ROCK!