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Give a Little Bit of Heart & Sole…

No, unlike Lindsay over at Chasing the Kenyans (who rocked it by the way), I’m not going to post me singing. Trust me, no one wants to hear that.

No, fortunately for you the title of my blog has to do with the Heart and Sole 5k benefiting Alpine Christian Academy; which I had the honor of running in this morning! What a fun race, and what made it even funner (yes, I know, but it’s my blog and I can use funner anytime I want) is that I got to run it with a very good friend (and another very good friend was manning the aid station!).

99.999% of my running is done solo, because I prefer it that way. It gives me time to think and to, quite honestly, BE ALONE. I don’t get much alone time (homeschool), and really enjoy it durning my runs. In fact, I would probably be happy with being a hermit (I can hold quite and interesting conversation with myself… you should see me in the grocery store).

Today, however, was a nice change from the norm. We were able to chat and laugh and get to know each other better, which is pretty cool. PLUS I ran faster, not because she made me or I felt that I had to in order to keep her happy (I told her from the get go that I was a SLOW runner, and she graciously said she’d let me set the pace), it just happened. I set out to keep a solid 10:30 pace and we finished with a solid 10:07 pace! WooHoo!! I think running solo allowed me appreciate and enjoy today all that much more. Honestly, I’m not sure that I would always want a running buddy… but this occasional run was FANTASTIC!

This 5k was a great way to start a Saturday, and I’m glad that I was able to participate!

Here’s to hoping your Saturday holds great things!



While visiting a few running blogs, I saw that a couple had a recap of the miles that they had run. When I clicked on the link it took me to Dailymile. I’ve used a couple of website to try to log my miles, and both were very time consuming and a little confusing. However, this site is fantastic! It is very easy to input your workout (including non-running activities), and then you can comment on friends activities as well. It’s a bit like Twitter or Facebook, in that you can post updates or thoughts as well as your workouts. I like that you can “give” motivation to someone as well as post a comment on their workout. I haven’t had time to fully explore this site but they offer challenges, forums, video and photo posting, and you can have the site update your Twitter or Facebook page. Since my Nike+ already updates my Facebook, I probably won’t use that feature (I mean, who wants to get a double dose of my running adventures, right??).   I will definitely be using this site to keep track of what’s going on with my running. If you create an account look me up as a friend!

Oh, one thing. For some reason on WordPress I can’t get the full box to come up on my side bar, just the dailymile icon. If anyone knows why, I’d love to hear from you!

happy living!

It’s O.K.

Friday afternoon we headed out to Lubbock to spend some quality time (eating Super Bowl goodies) with some of our favorite people. Before leaving, I had checked the weather forecast for the weekend and to see if Lubbock had an Anytime Fitness (where I have my membership). The forecast: COLD (and I don’t do cold running well); Anytime Fitness: NONE (that’s my cold weather running choice). The outlook for running while here was not looking good, but I packed my stuff anyway (do I get points for that?).Well, I haven’t run. I HAVE enjoyed time with best buds, laughed til it hurt and watched the Saints win their first Super Bowl. It’s ok.

I was so stoked because I had gone a whole 33 days without a break in my training. It’s ok. Sometimes life just happens, and I can’t obsess about it. I will pick back up on Tuesday or Wednesday and then I can aim for another 33 days. Maybe it was a good break, and I can consider it my “reward” for doing a great job so far. Or I can just choose to put training and running and exercise in it’s proper spot in my life, as something that is important and good for me to do and something I enjoy; but not something that takes precedence over everything. Not something that causes me guilt when it’s just not in the cards to get done (especially if that isn’t on a regular basis). This is what I need balance in… I need to relax and know that it will all be ok. The gym will still be there when I get home. Maybe I should just be thankful for the break… huh??