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Not This Time

I had every intention of running a good 6 miles toady. In fact, I was feeling so good last night that I thought, “Heck, I might even go for 7 or 8”. I was fired up to try my new GU Chocolate Outrage. I was ready….. Sadly my right calf (hence forth called “jim” because I get tired of writing the word “calf” and I think it will add some flair to this entry) didn’t share my enthusiasm.

If you’ll remember last Saturday I ran 12.42 miles, which is very close to a half marathon. Towards the end of that jim (HA! caught you didn’t I) started to cramp up, so I stopped and called it a day. I also reported that I KNEW, deep down inside, that I should have taken the week off and let jim recover…but I didn’t. Now I really wish I had.

Fast forward to this morning. Right out of bed jim felt funky, but I just thought, “No worries, once I get moving it will be fine”. I got a banana, and had a GU, went to go get dressed, packed a couple extra packs of GU in my nifty water bottle zip pocket (remember those extra miles I might add on) and headed out the door.

The first step into my run and I felt it. I probably should have stopped right there and gone back to bed, but I pushed on. I was stupid. By mile one it still didn’t feel better, and I told myself if by mile 2 it wasn’t gone I’d stop. Well I stopped, and I’m hoping I did so soon enough. As I limped up the drive way my husband was coming out the door to “wait” for me. Boy did I surprise him… not much of a wait. Right now jim is very sore, my left jim (maybe I should call that one nancy) feels fine. I’ve decided that I am FIRMLY taking this next week off.. PERIOD. No ifs, ands or buts.

I have two pair of Asics, one I’ve been running in since January and the other I got for Mother’s Day. I’ve been rotating them to help the new pair last longer, so I’ve been running in the old pair (since my 12 miles) and I’m wondering if that could have contributed to poor jim’s demise. Just in case that is one of the culprits, I’ve decide to “retire” them just to make sure. I ordered a new pair and will rotate them with my new old pair (did you keep up with that?). Hopefully this combined with the compression sleeves will help me avoid this issue in the future.

I chalk this one up to life. It’s not a fail, so I’m not going to call it one. I guess jim and nancy just decided they needed some time off, and if I can be honest, I think they’ve earned one. December will mark a year of running for me! WOO!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend, and please take care of your jim and nancys!


GU and Great Deals!

I’ve been hearing about GU all over the place: Runner’s World magazine, different running blogs, online stores, etc. But, I’ve always been a little afraid to try the stuff. See I have issues…. (my husband is a therapist, so no worries), I’m borderline very picky about what I eat. I was afraid that this would be hard to get past my gag reflex (it is very sensitive, so don’t make fun). In her blog entry, Crystal likened it to, get this…. BROWNIE BATTER. I am a HUGE brownie batter fan, so this was quite a claim. So I decided to take the plunge and try it, and guess what……

It tastes like brownie batter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness!! This stuff is incredible (at least in the taste department). I have yet to use it on a long run, but I plan on doing so this Saturday. Today however, I ate one pack before my 4 mile run. I’m not sure if it was the GU, or justĀ  a fluke, but by 2.5 – 3 miles I definitely felt a pick me up. So here is my plan for Saturday’s 6 mile run: I am going to eat one before I start, and take along a second pack for half way through. I know how I feel without GU on my run, so I will keep you posted as to what difference it makes.

Now on to the GREAT DEALS. I took my son to Academy last night to get a new running shirt, so of course I had to look at running gear for me as well (DUH!), and I saw 4.88 clearance rack. Now, I usually don’t find anything good on these racks. They are usually thoroughly picked over and the only size remaining in anything is XXS. But last night, I hit the jackpot! I found a Nike running skirt for $2.88, Under Armour shorts for $4.88, another running skirt (Academy brand) for $2.88 and a running top for $2.88!! WooHoo! The Nike skirt alone was $44 regular price, so I feel that I did quite well.

Well, I have lots to do today. My dryer is on the fritz, and the earliest time we could schedule a repair was for NEXT Wednesday. So, I wash a couple of loads at home, then shuttle them over to the laundromat to dry. Exciting stuff… let me tell you!

Hope your day is an awesome one!