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I Did It!

Okay, maybe someone shouldn’t get so excited over something like this, but hey… I’ve probably not done anything like this in 10+ years. What, you ask, did I do?? I did my first long outside run today! It was rainy and cold and a Saturday morning but….. I DID IT! My total was 3 miles today. I ran the first full mile then intervaled after that (running/ walking). I finished in under 40 minutes with an average of 4.6mph. I am so happy right now, it’s bordering on silly. Beth had warned me that outdoor running was different than treadmill running, because I’d have to propel myself and there are hills and things like that. Well, she didn’t lie. BUT, the first mile felt great, and really the whole way through my legs and feet felt great too (the Asics I got absolutely ROCK)!

I hope to eventually¬† work up to running the first two then the whole three, but that will come in time. For toady, I’m very pleased with my performance and that I did it! In my mind this was one of the first BIG hurdles to get over and I had a lot of butterflies this past week. I almost psyched myself out before even getting out there to try. I think part of me needs to get past the “all or nothing” thoughts. Sure, I did some walking, but I think it probably broke down to running 2 miles walking 1. Even if it wasn’t that, you know what?? That’s OKAY too.

I can do this! Praise God!!


Great Run

I had a GREAT run yesterday! I was able to do a solid 30 of running and went a total of 2.96 miles and 37 minutes! I take off on Wednesdays and I can see now why they advise that you do so. My legs and feet felt awesome, and I was able to get my pace up to 5.0 mph for a while… which made me very happy.¬† Today I did some cross training on the elliptical. Tomorrow is my first outdoor run. My goal is 3 miles and figure I will probably be doing some walking in there as I’ve heard that propelling yourself is a little harder than letting the treadmill propel you. I’m looking forward to it, and am glad it has warmed up some!

I’m still waiting for a couple of books I’ve ordered to come in. They are both information on running your first half marathon. The first one looks pretty funny, and I think it’s going to have some great info and help keep me motivated and laughing. The second one looks very good as well, and I’m hoping it’s packed with helpful info too. I’ll post some reviews after they’ve come in!

Who Me?? A Marathon!!??

Ok, so it’s not quite a marathon. It’s a half marathon. But when you’re ME, a half one looks a bit like a full one! This is my journey to October 2010, when I will participate in running (a term I’m trying to come to grips with) 13.1 miles. Actually, I really am looking forward to it… as much as a person could look forward to something like that. I get to run it with my awesome Sis in Law, so that’s a bonus too. I also have 9 months to prepare, and I figure if I can prepare to have a baby in 9 months time, I can prepare for this. At least that’s what I keep telling myself.¬† As of right now, this very moment, I can “run” (run to me means a nice steady jog) 2.30 miles in 30 minutes. That seems like peanuts to what I need to do, but like the turtle said “Slow and steady wins the race” (although I’m not as concerned with winning as I am with finishing).

This blog is really just a place that I can post how I’m doing. My accomplishments… and my disappointments. Whine about my sore feet and any chaffing that might occur, and the general process I am about to undertake. I really hope it’s a joyful journey as well, one in which I can feel the satisfaction in accepting this challenge, meeting it head on, and doing something I’ve never done before. Will I become a “runner”? Well, I think by just competing in this I have, but I wonder if this will birth in me a new enjoyment that I’ve not had before. I guess only time can tell.

So, welcome and I hope you enjoy the journey with me… without the chaffing.