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Feeling Good


Morning Run

I’ve just started the 3rd week of the C25K program, and am feeling good. The mornings, here in Texas, have finally started to cool down and getting out an running has been a pleasure (temp wise). I’m hoping that is a trend of weather to come…we’ll see. It is TEXAS after all. The shot above is one from my iphone, shot sometime last week.

I’m contemplating registering again for the Miracle Match Half. This is the same Half that kicked off this whole crazy adventure in my life. It will be Jan. 27th in Waco, so I have plenty of time to get ready, and I’ve decided, if I run it, I would do so only for fun. No A, B or C goals. No goal times. No nothing. Simply to run and have a good time on the course. Having run it before, I know what to expect (hill wise) and when to expect it. And I believe I can finish in a better place, physically AND mentally, than last time.

I’ve made no firm decisions YET, but hope to in the near future. It would be fun to have something to “work” toward with my running again….at least for a little while.

Besides all of this, I’ve been OBSESSED with my iPhone and Instagram (and all the camera/ photo editing apps I have on it). Here are just a few of my favorite shots, all shot and edited with my iPhone 4:

Some old Coke bottles at a local antique store

my nephew at the park

some old roller skates my son picked up at Canton

my daughter working on an art project

a SWEET old Thunderbird

my son spray-painting at Cadillac Ranch

Have a GREAT day!


Cake Chase 5k

The gang (Phil and Sarah behind the camera)

Jude’s first 5k!

My kids and me! Rach did the 1 mile walk. Yes, I am now the shortest one in my family.

Jude and I coming in for the finish.

Across the finish line: 32:23 (10:22 pace). I’ll take it!

All Hot and Sweaty

3.1 miles 32:08

That sounds like the title to a bad song, sorry about that. Well, I did my run for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race! I chose to run a 5k (since I have one that I’m getting ready for at the end of April) and finished in 32:08 for an overall pace of 10:22. MUCH closer to what I would like my “regular” pace to become! WOO! I did, however, start out WAY to fast, and had to try to recoup during mile 2, so I need to work on that.

It was a nice day, on the cool side but very, very humid. We had some bad storms move through our area last night, so it cooled things off, but whew… you could cut the air with a knife (so cliche, I know…again, my apologies). Later the kids and I headed to the gym and I ran another 2 miles, bringing the total for the day to 5. I’ll take it.

I hope you all (all 2 readers… Mom and Beth) have a GREAT Easter weekend!


Nothing to Say?

I have to tell you a secret. I feel guilty taking the time to blog. Yes, there it is. I feel guilty. I know it’s silly, and that I shouldn’t feel like that, but I do. I sit down to write and then start thinking about the laundry that needs my attention, the dishes in the sink, the bathrooms that are in dire need of a  good wipe down (okay, a hose down might be a little more accurate), and not to mention homeschool (luckily my kids are at the age that they are pretty self directed… WHEW!). So I feel guilt, but I’m going to blog today anyway and just get over it.

I really don’t have anything to say. I’ve run 2 times this year and am planning on running later this afternoon, so that will make it 3 times (and it’s only the 6th so I’m doing pretty good… I’m sure lots of people have run 6 or more times this year, but this isn’t their blog). I do have the lofty goal of 1000 miles for this year, although I’m going to take Lindsay’s advice and be happy with just running more miles this year than I did last year. IF I hit 1000, all the better. I’m waiting to run this afternoon because we have a hopefully not too major plumbing issue out by our side walk (a leak in the pipe I think) and the plumbers are supposed to be here around 9am, and I didn’t want to try to fit a run in before they come (yes, I know I could, but it’s cold outside so I’m waiting). I hope to go around 1 or 2.

Other notable events in this week:

Our 19th anniversary!

My husband’s 40th birthday!

I’m on the final countdown to my first ever Half Marathon. I have a 14 miler next weekend, that I feel confident yet a little queasy about. Life is hectic. Life is GOOD.

Okay, the plumbers are on the way, I’m hoping that it’s not TOO expensive… ah the joys of home ownership.

till next time!

Magnificent Lazy-Butt

My husband and I have very strange senses of humor, which is fine because we like it. Today he told me he “could stand a little more hero worship around here”. I asked him if calling him “Lazy Butt” would be considered hero worship, and he said, “Only if you call me, ‘Oh, Magnificent Lazy-Butt”. I love our marriage! (As a disclaimer (and so people don’t think I’m a horrible wife) anyone who knows my husband knows he’s not a lazy butt. I know he’s not a lazy butt and tell him that quite often. This is all said in good fun and with both of us laughing hysterically….) (yes, we are both easily amused).

I ran a bit today (20min/ 1.55 miles) at a VERY “comfortable” pace (meaning: “slow”…. but “comfortable” sounds so much better). Over all jim was good, so I think if I’m just careful and don’t get all stupid (meaning: going faster than I know I should) things may just be okay. I’m hoping that this issue will go away sometime in the near future, and that I haven’t done something irreversible. I guess all I can do is go on from here, and just learn from my mistakes. I just wish that mistakes didn’t have to hurt so much!

Lots of good giveaways out there in the running blog world. Make sure to go check them out (the list is over on the right). Thanks to all the great companies and people (some bloggers purchase the stuff they are giving away with their resources) for being so generous!

Hope your Sunday has been a great one. Good luck and congrats to everyone who ran this weekend!

Rear in Gear

It’s time to get back to cross training and lifting weights again. I let it slip while getting my son started on his program, but now that he’s…. cough… OFF AND RUNNING (you knew it was coming, didn’t you??)… I think it’s time for me to get my schedule back to normal. Jude’s doing great with his running, but he likes to go at 1:30 pm; I like to run at 7:30 am, so we got a membership at the local college and it has an indoor track. He can do his intervals without me running beside him now. I go watch, keep his time and read a book….it works for everyone. I think the element of “college girls” are in the room diminished the “it’s cool to run with mom” factor. I do get a little wave every now and then.

I love feeling strong, and I love lifting weights. I find that doing upper body stuff really balances out my running. I also need to do the bike or elliptical on my off days, but don’t like either as much as I like running, so that’s been a challenge too.

And forget swimming water and I don’t mix. Let’s put it this way: I shower only because I live in proximity to other humans (okay, that may blowing it out of proportion a TAD, but not much). Before you start thinking I’m the grossest person on Earth, I do have my reasons. When I was a kid I’d itch like crazy after every shower or encounter with water (scratch till I bleed crazy). I guess I learned to associate water with very unpleasant outcomes. I don’t have that problem any more. I DO shower, and I DO shower regularly. Just so we’re clear.  It’s just water is to get into and out of quickly. Did I mention I’m married to a therapist?

Now back to our regularly scheduled post:

This next week I’m getting my rear in gear. Not that I’ve been lazy, just off schedule. The past month I’ve felt that I haven’t really had a focus on what I’m doing during the week, and I’ve felt a little willy-nilly (what a fun word!). If a person can be totally flexible and thrive on schedules all at the same time, I’m that person!

Here’s what I’m hoping to get back to:

M/F: cross train and weights

T/H/Sat: run

W/Sun: off

Well, I hope you enjoy your Saturday. Tomorrow we’re going to a corn maze here in town once Phil gets back into town. The weather should be perfect, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Oh, I’ve added a list of giveaways on the right (over there under “running giveaways” —->), with the dates they end. Go check them out, you just might win!

Happy trails!