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Pros and Cons

One of the books I’m reading suggested that you make a pros and cons list, so I’m going to attempt to do just that. Now, I need to decide if I should start with the good and end with the bad, or start with the bad and finish off strong with the good… I like the second way.

So, let’s begin with the CONS:

1. It will be hard (um duh)

2. I’ve never been one for running, and it may stay that way through this entire process (I told you we were starting off bad!).

3. It will hurt.

4. My Saturdays will no longer be filled with just lounging around.

5. I know there will be days I wish I had not agreed to do this.

6. It will test my limits not only physically but commitment wise as well.

7. I don’t relish the idea of pain, pushing myself, and all of that.

Now to the PROS:

1. Being able to say that I finished a half marathon just a couple of years before I turn 40.

2. Getting into shape (I like being and feeling strong).

3. Feeling a sense of pride in sticking to a commitment.

4. KNOWING that there are some many people behind me and encouraging me.

5. Knowing that I’m an inspiration to a couple of those people (this is a biggie… not sure I’ve ever been an inspiration).

6. Knowing that with Christ all things are possible.

7. Doing something I’ve never done before.

8. Perhaps developing a love for running.

9. The gratification of looking a mountain in the face, admitting that you’re scared but not backing down. And kick that mountain’s butt! (this may be my favorite)

I finished with more pros than cons. I may come back at later dates and add to this list, as all this progresses… hopefully it will be the pros listed add to the most. 🙂