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I know that through out this entire process Doubt is going to raise it’s ugly head. Doubt that I can do this, doubt that I should do it, doubt that I will be able to finish, doubt, doubt, doubt….. I know that I will deal with it, struggle with it, and hopefully overcome it. I sometimes doubt that I have the ability to commit and stick to all the training I need to do. I doubt that I can be steadfast in getting up every Saturday to do my “long run”. I doubt that I can really finish this thing.  All these things flit through my mind, especially at night while I go to sleep. HOWEVER, I don’t want to focus on my DOUBT. I want to address it, and realize that it’s there, but I then want to meet it head on with FAITH. I want to remind myself that all things are possible through Christ. I want to commit this run to Him, and trust that he will give me the desire, commitment and determination for finish strong… to run the best I can…THE BEST I CAN. Because on my own, well on my own, I probably couldn’t finish this thing. On my own, I probably would quit and say it’s just not worth the effort. On my own, I would probably talk myself into NOT doing something that would challenge me to go places I’ve never been before. But, I’m not ON MY OWN. So, Doubt… I will admit that you visit me, and that the issues you bring up are legit… but, I will not allow you to hang around for greater is He who is in me!