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Celebrate Randomness

Today is my day off… WooHoo!

I made banana chocolate chip bread today.

I wore my compression sleeves to bed last night.

I’m doing laundry, and am kinda tired of people in this house wearing so many clothes.

I love my new Asics.

I’m missing my bestie right now!

I don’t have to go into Tyler tonight… ahhhhh.

I ran 5.2 miles yesterday, and am trying to figure out what I will do tomorrow.

I wish bills and such didn’t exist.

Sometimes, I would like to like cooking more. Other times, not so much.

I’m going to have a piece of banana chocolate chip bread for lunch.

I’m hoping I win a compression sock giveaway.

I really want to get some Yurbuds, but since I have a pair of earbuds that work just fine, I can’t justify it.

I’m loving the fall weather! Keep the cool temps coming.

I really think the GU helps me on my runs (but it could be a totally mental thing too).

I’m thankful that I ran in the heat of summer… makes me enjoy this running weather even more.

I will probably never eat a brussel sprout… EVER.

My dog is snoring behind me on “her” chair.

Gotta go finish that laundry.