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Okay, so I’ve realized something. While I recognize I will probably never place in my age group (unless of course I’m still running when I’m 99 and there are only 2 other people in my category), I can run faster than what I’ve been telling myself I can run.  I think I’ve been phoning it in lately, and I’m not sure that I like that. It’s been two years since I’ve started this journey, and I think I’m finally ready to BAM, Kick it up a Notch (but just so we’re clear.. NOT a Carl Lewis notch).

To help with this endeavor I purchased some new shoes:

After much research I went with Asics Gel-Neo 33. They are more along the minimal line than my current shoes, but are still in the Stability category. I’ve run about 6 miles total in them so far and gotta say, I LOVE THEM. I think they encourage a mid-foot strike much more than my Kayanos, and they are much lighter to boot (8.5oz compared to 10.4). Both runs were around 3 miles and I averaged 10:54 on Friday  and 10:13 today. While this isn’t jaw dropping, it is much faster than I usually run. I wasn’t sure how much I’d like the black, but it’s growing on me….plus it was my only color option. During and after my legs felt fantastic. I did feel a little more “tiredness” (for lack of a better description)  in the ball area of my foot, but I think that could be due to the whole mid-foot strike thing. The next day, my legs still felt great. So I’m taking that as a good sign. I’ve yet to wear them on a longer run, but will do so soon.

I’m running a 5k in April, and my goal is to train to feel comfortable at a 10:00  to 10:15 avg. pace. I’m also thinking about signing up for Longview’s Alley Fest 10k in May and seeing if I can PR. My overall goal is to have a faster “base” when I start training for the Tyler Rose Half in June (the half is in October). We shall see how all this goes.

In the end, my running has to be fun or I won’t do it. But at the same time I think I can give more than what I’m giving. I like the idea of pushing myself a little bit further (every 2 years isn’t too bad).


Happy Running (or whatever makes you happy)!



Oh, The Runs!

NO… not those kinds of runs…. these are FUN runs!

The Jelly Bean Virtual Race

The first one is a virtual 5-10k hosted by Jess. She lives in Peoria, which is right next to where my family lives. While I can’t be in Peoria to run with her, I will be running here in texas. Check out the link (her name) to get involved in this fun race. (it’s a super cute race bib!!)


Tyler Azalea 10k

Then there’s the Tyler Azalea 10k coming up THIS month! This is such a GREAT course through the Historic Azalea district of Tyler. The flowers are in full bloom and just beautiful. If you are in the area, you definitely need to check this run out. I ran it last year, and think I’m going to make it a tradition!

Kilgore’s Cake Chase

The last one, is the first annual Kilgore Historic Society Cake Chase. I’m automatically IN for anything to do with free cake! My son is thinking of doing this one with me. YAY! I haven’t checked out the course yet, but it sounds like it’s pretty much in my neighborhood (literally). And, well, like I said earlier… there is free cake. What more needs to be said?

Alpine Heart and Sole

I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to have the time to squeeze this run in as well. I did it last year, with my friend Pamela, and had a great time. For right now, it’s at the back of my brain.

Hope you have a GREAT week!!

I’m Here!

Wow! It’s been, what…. FOREVER??!! since I last blogged. It may not be the best excuse, but I’m going to blame Life. Busy, messy, normal everyday Life.

I’ve not done much since the Tyler Half… literally. Running was put on the back burner as the holidays took over. I just took a break…. and ate. 🙂

I’m finally getting back into the groove of  “real life”… school, work, rehearsals, and yes RUNNING! Yay!

Next up, on my running agenda, is the Azalea Trail 10k in March. I figured that would be a nice way to EASE into running again. So, I’ve begun “training”… meaning running on a quasi-regular basis, and doing actual mileage as opposed hit and miss kind of stuff. I’d like to feel at least a little prepared for this one. This past weekend I put in a five miler, and it felt pretty good… so, I think I’m on the right road.

A little insider info, I started this post on 1/30… and am just now getting it done and posting it. Oh, yeah.

One parting idea, that has nothing at all to do with this blog post:

Life is better lived outside YOURSELF.

Happy Running!

Azalea Trail 10k Recap

This past weekend was the Tyler 10k. It was a GREAT run, and I had a lot of fun. The scenery was beautiful, and I felt fantastic throughout the entire course. There was one “big” hill (that I chose to walk), but other than that you couldn’t ask for a better course (there were little hills through out, but nothing terrible). The picture above is the start/finish line. I know there are better pictures of it, but I didn’t want to search through all those photos again, so you get stuck with this one.

There were 661 finishers and I placed 499, a solid middle of the pack finish. My chip time was 1:08:40 (making it an 11:02 pace!) and I am VERY happy with that! And, since it’s my first 10k… AUTOMATIC PR!! Phil forgot the camera, so here are some race day photos from the pros.

If you look right in the middle of the text you’ll see me in the sea of white shirts. I’m in green (or teal or whatever) with a pink hat.


I believe this is the start of the race. Most of the course was on brick streets, which was nice!


This was probably around mile 2 or 3. I was waving to people cheering us on (I think).


That’s me… behind the guy on the left.


Closing the distance… LOL

At the finish line (or close to it). I don’t really like this picture, but since it’s the only one I have I’ll use it.


After it was all said and done, we went to go eat at The Egg and I. It was a great start to a wonderful day. I’m already planning on running this course again next year!

Have a rockin’ Thursday!

PS… can I just say that most people who run these types of things should WEAR SHIRTS…. that is all.