I am an almost 40 year old mom of two, who has been married for 18 years to a super fantastic great guy (he pays me every time I type that). I know the title of this blog is “Mindy’s Marathon” and I know that a marathon is 26.1 miles, but “Mindy’s Half Marathon” just seemed to long for a blog title. Plus, right now 13.1 miles seems like a marathon!

This is my FIRST time running in a half marathon. I have my wonderful (she doesn’t pay me) Sister-in-Law, Beth, to thank for that… Thanks Beth. She will be running it with me. This blog is my journey for the next 9 months (and hopefully WAY beyond that). Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave a comment!


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  1. You sneaky little thing! I had no idea! How awesome Mindy! My friend Yndira, who has never been a runner does her first 1/2 marathon this month! You girls are stirring up something in me….I dont know if it’s to get out there and run though:) Love you, and YOU GO GIRL.

  2. Thanks for your comment on the Turtles blog via the Blog Hop last night! I love the whole ‘nearly 40’ discussion. 🙂 I went through that when I was in my ‘late 30s’ as well… longing to hit the BIG 40! Am I weird?? When the day finally arrived, I was so excited, and my friends/fam all thought I was nuts. What’s not to be excited about? Self-assurance, the right to be sassy, and some teeny amount of respect from others as an ‘official grown-up’ comes with hitting the big 40! LOL

    Love you blog layout… cool and edgy – NICE! 🙂

    • Thanks Robin! I’m going to feel the same way about my 40th birthday. No tears, no regrets, no dread…just excitement! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  3. Hi Mindy,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. So glad you found me…another runner who is about my age. I’ve been married to my husband for 18 years too (well in November it’ll be 18 years).

    I’m adding your blog to my reader. Can’t wait to see how your journey plays out.

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