This is kinda what I’ve felt like the last couple of runs…. blah. Right now, if I had to base the outcome of a half on the past week, the prognosis would NOT be good. I know that getting started again on a regular running schedule takes some acclimation, so I’ve giving myself a break and not feeling too bad, but I do hope things improve. I just completed day 2 of week 3, so that means I’ve almost been back on this pony a month…not too shabby. I’m hoping that the cooler weather that’s coming our way will help with the way I’m feeling on runs too. This morning it was incredibly humid and it felt like I was breathing in water, but Nike+ said my pace was 15 seconds faster than my three previous runs, so I’ll take it.

I still haven’t registered for the the Miracle Match yet. I’m waiting on the “okay” from the spouse. Not money wise or anything, but he’s entertaining the idea of attending a conference that he knows he won’t attend, but until he’s worked all that out in his head I told him I’d wait. If you understood all of that you win a cookie.

Other than that, life is pretty status quo. Nothing major to complain about, and everything to be thankful for! I have enjoyed reading various accounts of the Hood to Coast event on other runners blogs. I’m not sure I’d ever be up to that, but it makes for interesting reading.

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!


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