All Hot and Sweaty

3.1 miles 32:08

That sounds like the title to a bad song, sorry about that. Well, I did my run for the Jelly Bean Virtual Race! I chose to run a 5k (since I have one that I’m getting ready for at the end of April) and finished in 32:08 for an overall pace of 10:22. MUCH closer to what I would like my “regular” pace to become! WOO! I did, however, start out WAY to fast, and had to try to recoup during mile 2, so I need to work on that.

It was a nice day, on the cool side but very, very humid. We had some bad storms move through our area last night, so it cooled things off, but whew… you could cut the air with a knife (so cliche, I know…again, my apologies). Later the kids and I headed to the gym and I ran another 2 miles, bringing the total for the day to 5. I’ll take it.

I hope you all (all 2 readers… Mom and Beth) have a GREAT Easter weekend!



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  1. See, your circulation is doubled! I had to look up “fartlek” yesterday, though. I thought you might have done something embarrassing in public. I’m glad you’ve started blogging again ’cause I like to read about your runs. One of these years we’ll get you to run the Steamboat Classic in Peoria! I’m way past proud of your determination & accomplishments. –Mom

  2. You all are GREAT! Mom, when IS the steamboat classic? I need to look it up. The person who hosted the Jelly Bean is from Peoria!

    • This year it’s on June 16 (Grandma Koehl’s birthday). They have a website…just Google steamboat classic, Peoria IL. The route goes through Glen Oak Park, which has some serious hills. Your friend may have run it before if she’s from Peoria. We used to go to that park when you were a little girl.

  3. I FARTLEKED TODAY! At least it’s my version of fartleking. (Couldn’t let my daughter outdo me.) When I run (in place) in the pool, I normally run 4 minutes at my normal steps per minute, and 1 minute much faster. I run 30 minutes, so that’s 6 intervals, I guess. Thanks to Mindy’s inspiration, today I decided to listen to MY body & see if it wanted to run faster longer. Sure enough, the first 3 intervals stretched into 1.5 minutes each (making 3.5 minutes for the slower pace). Intervals #4 & #5 became 2 minutes of fast & 3 minutes regular, and #6 (at the end of my run) was a mere 1 minute long. By the end of my run today I was doing 118 steps/minute for the slower pace and 150 spm at the fastest. Two days ago, my fastest pace was 140 spm. I’m here to tell you, fartleking works!!!

    My total workout takes 90 minutes, including cardio, weight resistance exercises, flexibility & balance stretches…..and today I swam 2 laps for the first time in YEARS!! 😀

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