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It’s Friday!

Yes! I’m a winner!

I’ve been following this site for a while on Twitter, and had been thinking I needed to get over there and get involved but just never did. This past weekend they were having a contest and were giving away two Road ID eCards to the first two people to create a new account and post a new topic. Well, what more motivation did I need? I have been needing a new Road ID (my old one is pretty nasty) and I had been meaning to sign up anyway, so that’s what I did. And guess what…. I was one of the winners! They actually ended up giving away three because I tied with another person in setting up the second new account, that’s pretty cool.

I went with a new Slim Road ID in orange:

 I think anyone running, biking, hiking whatever should invest in some kind of ID product. It’s just a good idea. Thanks again, Twentysixtwo and Road ID!!

Tomorrow is the Virtual Run for Sherry spearheaded by Beth over at SUAR. I’m not going to be able to run on Saturday (rehearsal schedule interferes), but will be doing it Sunday. No family should have to go through what Sherry’s has. If you want to, head over and print out a bib and run, walk or bike in her memory. I know it will mean a lot even though the family doesn’t know you.


Hope you have a great weekend!


I’m Here!

Wow! It’s been, what…. FOREVER??!! since I last blogged. It may not be the best excuse, but I’m going to blame Life. Busy, messy, normal everyday Life.

I’ve not done much since the Tyler Half… literally. Running was put on the back burner as the holidays took over. I just took a break…. and ate. 🙂

I’m finally getting back into the groove of  “real life”… school, work, rehearsals, and yes RUNNING! Yay!

Next up, on my running agenda, is the Azalea Trail 10k in March. I figured that would be a nice way to EASE into running again. So, I’ve begun “training”… meaning running on a quasi-regular basis, and doing actual mileage as opposed hit and miss kind of stuff. I’d like to feel at least a little prepared for this one. This past weekend I put in a five miler, and it felt pretty good… so, I think I’m on the right road.

A little insider info, I started this post on 1/30… and am just now getting it done and posting it. Oh, yeah.

One parting idea, that has nothing at all to do with this blog post:

Life is better lived outside YOURSELF.

Happy Running!