Hey there! It’s cold, rainy and just a great day here today so I thought I’d blog! Got my coffee and am snug and warm in my house enjoying the rain/sleet mix here in Texas (basically a blizzard to us Southerners). I have homemade potato soup simmering on the stove and feel just like Martha Stewart (no, it doesn’t matter that I haven’t taken down the Christmas decorations nor made my bed yet…).

I’ve found another Half that I’d like to run in October, the Tyler Rose Half. It’s only the second year that they will be doing this, and I’m excited to participate, in fact I’ve already registered! I would have liked to have participated in 2010, but I didn’t find out about it soon enough. Ironically, it was held on the same day that Beth and I originally thought we would be running the half in Waco. This year it’s on the 9th of October, and I’m really hoping (HINT HINT) that Beth will be able to run this one with me!

I’m also going to run the Cherry Festival 5k in Washington, IL sometime in June. My family lives in Washington, so I should have a lot of people to cheer me on! They are also having a logo competition, so I’m going to submit this one:

The theme is “Survivor Washington”.

In other news, Beth R. over at Shut Up and Run had an exciting announcement. If you haven’t read about it you should head over there and give her some congrats… it’s quite an accomplishment! (man, is that a great teaser or what??) I’ve made it easy for you, if you click on the link it will take you right to the post.

3 weeks to go!


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  1. I just discovered Shut Up and Run. It’s funny. I love all the potty talk. I’m in northern Tennessee, and our blizzard was only 1/2 inch. Southern Tennessee got 12 inches in places. I feel cheated. My kids don’t have school but can’t even sled. 😦

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