Hat v. Bondiband = Giveway!

Well it was the match of the century….

the crowd hushed as the

competitors entered the ring.

Who would come out the victor?




Hat was the veteran. It had been around since the beginning. Bondiband was the new kid on the block, still wet (literally, after my runs) behind the ears. Would it have what it took to stand up to Hat? Only time would tell…..

I ordered some Bondibands about a month ago, and have been using them on my runs instead of my faithful, trusty hat. First off, you must understand that I sweat like NO ONE’S business. I look like I’ve stepped out of the shower, even after a relatively short run, so keeping it in check around my face and eyes is always an issue. My hat helped with this, in that it would catch the majority before it went down my face. At least that’s what I thought BEFORE I tried the Bondibands.

At first, I thought that the lack of sweat in my eyes was due to the cooler weather, as opposed to the bands. I mean, I literally had NO SWEAT on my face (and they say miracles don’t exist…. HA!), I just wasn’t ready to give the Bondibands all the credit.

Today, I decided to give my hat a shot (with no band), and let me say, my lack of salt filled eyes was not due to the cooler temps. I spent the run wiping sweat away from my eyes, and it slowly dawned on me how well the bands worked. I bought the heavy sweat wicking style (because really, I’ve never “sweat lightly” in my life). On super cold days (we see about 1 a year, here in Texas), I’m thinking about wearing a band UNDER my hat (yeah, I’m smart like that).

I also purchased this nifty little gadget for my Nike+ sensor called a Lace Lid (except mine is white):

I love my Nike+, but I don’t wear Nike shoes. For a long time, I used Velcro dots and slipped the sensor under my laces to keep it in place, and that worked fine. But while reading Runner’s World, I saw an add for this and thought I’d give it a shot (3 for $9). I really like this gadget. I put one on each pair of running shoes and now all I have to do is pop out the sensor and pop it in the other shoe. Perfect! It doesn’t interfere with how the shoe laces feel either.

So here is the thing. I have an extra one of these gizmos and an extra Bondiband, so I’m going to give them away! All you have to do is leave a comment. That’s it. You might like to check out both sites, but it’s not necessary, but if you do leave me another comment. You might even want to check out Bondiband on Facebook. If you do, leave me another comment (as of now, Lace Lid doesn’t have a Facebook that I can find). Okay, and if you mention this giveaway on your blog, leave me yet one more comment (that’s what…. FOUR comments possible).

I’ll leave it open until…um…. Tuesday 10/19 and will pick a winner with random.org on 10/20. If your number is chosen, you will win a white Lace Lid and a Bondiband that looks like this (except it’s baby pink fabric instead of black with silver dots) in the heavy sweat wicking material:

Heck, I’ll even throw in a couple of Chocolate Outrage GU gels from my own stash! Just so we’re clear, these items were purchased with my own money and no company asked me to have this giveaway.

Good Luck!


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  1. Ok, with such awesome endorsements-how could I NOT comment?? Glad to hear both are working well. I don’t have a Nike +, but do know that all my friends (you included-i guess) that have them, really seem to like them. Good luck on the giveaways! ;o)

  2. don’t worry my sister! I sweat like no ones business too, and even looks like I just got out of the shower:) You are not alone!So you now have me looking at the bandi band site since you deal with the same issues i do!

  3. I sweat like it was my job during a run…so I feel your pain. I have been using a visor to try and keep the sweat out of my eyes (along with the sun). Sounds like I should try bondibands though πŸ™‚

  4. I used to hate the way I looked in Bondi Bands, but after running up to 2 hours in the South Florida heat/humidity and never having to wipe my forehead, I’m addicted!
    I don’t use Nike+ (anymore), so give it to a second winner if I happen to get lucky with the band =)

  5. I keep looking at Bondi bands, but headbands never seem to stay on my head, and I didn’t want to buy some to find out they don’t work, but I’d love to find one that does work. I hate salt-stung-eyes, and I’m always special enough to rub my eyes even though I know it will hurt:)

  6. I’m gonna have to give the Bondi a try. I’ve tried them on at expos and well, that’s an awful lot of FOREHEAD I see in the mirror. Maybe if I win this one, it’ll look pretty. πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the encouragement on my blog!

  7. Wow let me say first off that I’ve would KILL for a bondi band (insert evil laugh here) – beacuse I’m broke and don’t actually have the money for one! I’m not sure if the cut off is tonight at midnight or what (lols) so I’m posting anyway and hoping for the best.

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