Meredith over at Run is the New Walk was nice enough to choose me for the “A Blog with Substance” award! If you haven’t checked out her blog (the link is also over in my side bar), you should! Thanks, Meredith!!

I think I’m supposed to now summarize myself in five words.

And boy have I tried.

But I’ve not been able to do it! Not that I’m too complex of a person or anything like that.

Now it’s my turn to pass this wonderful award on. There are SO many people that I would love to choose, it’s hard to give it to just one. BUT, I must so I’m choosing Crystal over at Am I a runner…. or just crazy. I have enjoyed reading about her journey for a month now, and think you will too. Really, though, you should check out ALL the great runners/bloggers on my side bar. They are each amazing, and the fact that they have the guts to share their lives publicly is incredible!

I think my compression sleeves are due to be delivered today, I’m so excited! Probably more so than what a person should be over compression sleeves. I’m a little ashamed of myself though. When I was ordering I was going to click the hot pink….but chickened out at the last second and ordered beige. I know, I know… I AM HANGING MY HEAD IN SHAME, OKAY! Not really, but now I wish I had gone for it….sigh.

I’m happy to report that jim is feeling much better today, too! I hope that by next week I’ll be ready to hit that pavement again (I’m crossing my fingers that this beautifully cool weather hangs around as well!). I’m NOT going to go out before Monday (well…maybe a SHORT one on Saturday and ONLY if jim is totally fine). I’m really getting a kick out of calling my calf “jim”…. maybe I should name ALL my body parts….(don’t worry, I’m not THAT weird).

Well, I guess I should sign off for today. We’re taking a day off on Friday for a field trip (we home school), and I’m trying to figure out where to go. I’ll keep you posted (cause I know you want to know).

Until then… keep doing what you do best (whatever that maybe, which for Erin would be writing that fantastic blog of hers; which I’m choosing for a NON-RUNNING blog with SUBSTANCE!),


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  1. You are sweet. I’m not sure what substance my blog is made of. LOL. I have to say, Mindy, that I sure am glad we got chatty on a few years ago. Your friendship is a precious thing to me. 🙂

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