I wanted to make that REALLY big, but that’s as big as I can get it without uploading a picture. It doesn’t seem to do justice…. oh well. Today I did 12.42 miles. Yes, it was a leap from my last long run of 9 miles, but I really just had the wild hair to do 12 (I was actually wanting to go 13.1, but it wasn’t in the cards for today.) It went really well. My 9 mile run was horrible (I think my pace was somewhere around a 10,ooo:01 pace (okay, it was really a 13:34)). Today, I really watched my pace and my intervals and finished at a 12:58 pace! Four miles further and a faster pace. Gotta love it.

I think what helped is that I went into this run with one goal. To beat the distance, and not let the distance beat me. I didn’t care about pace, time, etc. I was just going to FINISH. I felt pretty well through mile 10, then my legs started to let me know they weren’t happy. By mile 11 I had slowed quite a bit, and had to walk a lot of mile 12+.  Calves began cramping up on 12.42, so I called it a day. I was okay with that for several reasons: 1.) this was my FIRST 12 miler, and 2.) IT WAS 12 MILES. To finish at all, for me was a wonderful accomplishment.

The walk home was NOT fun. I was still probably .5 miles from home, and was afraid I was going to have to crawl at one point. At the bottom of the drive way (ours goes steeply uphill) I had to yell for Phil to come help. It’s now 5:30 and I’m almost able to walk up the stairs without leaning on the rail! WooHoo!

I am so happy that I did this. But I have decided that I have NO DESIRE WHAT SO EVER to run more than 13.1 miles. I think in my perfect world (after this race in January) during my weekly runs I’d do 5 and then on Saturday go a little further (max of 9 probably). I think that would be nice.

My friend Colleen ran a 5k today (her second) and I’m waiting for her to post how it went!! She ROCKED the Couch to 5k program! Way to go Col!!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m praying that I’ll be able to walk tomorrow, and I also gave myself off Monday.

Mindy (no siggy since I’m on my daughter’s laptop)


Okay, so my friend is running TODAY. Go Colleen!!

I am able to walk this morning. My right calf is a little tight, but I have the feeling it will loosen up throughout the day. At least I don’t need a wheelchair!


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  1. HEY THANKS!!! The race is tomorrow though 😉

    Wow… that is a lot of miles… you go girl!!!! It’s so strange how different we all are now than we were when we all met on scrapbook.com.

    So proud of you!!

  2. congrats on your 12 too!! that’s awesome! i wanted to go to 13.1 too, but my next long run is 14 so i’ll get it in there.

    try the gu’s and i bet you’ll see a difference in how you feel at the end!

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