I’m Back!

The months of June and July were  great months. Not for running, but for other things. The kids went to summer camps, and attended theatre workshops and academies. I worked at Technical Coordinator on two shows this summer. We went to places to see family and friends and even slipped in a trip to Colorado… just Phil and myself. Suffice it to say, they were  VERY busy months. It did wreak a little havoc on my running though. I didn’t stop completely, but I did find that I just had to put it in it’s spot and say, “If I don’t get to it today, it will still be okay”.

I’d like to say the rest did me good, but now that August has come, and things are beginning to slow down again (I’m getting school stuff in order and that feels GREAT… I love a good schedule) I feel that I’m not starting COMPLETELY over, but have some ground to make back up. And THAT’S OKAY. On my daily runs I still average 4 miles, I’m just a tad slower on my pace than I was in May… but THAT’S OKAY. I get a winded just a little faster, but say it with me now… THAT’S OKAY. It’s life, and one thing I have learned is: LIFE WILL GO ON. Regardless of my schedules and agenda. I need to let go and enjoy the journey.

I’m excited to be getting back on track. Beth and I are still planning on the 10k in October and the half in January…. so I will lace up my Asics and hit the road again! Enjoy the journey!!


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  1. It’s a great feeling to get back in the groove again. With two teens (well almost) in the house, summers can be crazy! I’m glad you were able to keep running through it all 🙂

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