Howdy Stranger!

I haven’t blogged in a while, but not because I haven’t been running! I just logged: 244.77 miles in my quest for 1005, day 111 out of 365, and week 16. Running is beginning to become something I actually look forward to, and find that I feel better through out the day if I do it. This is good, as I hope it’s an indicator of keeping it up for the long term.

This past Saturday, I ran my first 6 miles! I felt pretty good through out the whole thing and even got the chance to run through some hail (If said like a true Texan I can say “I ran through “hail” and back” and it sounds pretty much like a bad word). When I started out it was humid (blech… it’s hard to run in humid weather) and overcast but no rain or anything. Then at about mile 3 it started to sprinkle then tiny hail appeared. I was going to cut my run short (I’m not crazy!!) but after about two minutes it stopped, and I decided to finish it out. There was one killer hill (I was a very slow incline, but it seemed to last FOREVER) that I had to walk at the end, but I pretty much kept my 5/1 interval and finished with an overall pace of 11:43 which is a whole 12 seconds FASTER than my pace on my last 5 miler (2 weeks prior)! Yay! At least I know that I can finish 6 miles and still walk and talk after it’s over.

I hope that whatever you put your mind to do, you have success (unless you put your mind towards robbing a bank, then not so much). Have a great week and keep pursuing what it is God has put in you to pursue!!


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