A Little Faster

Today was my long run. Last week I did 5 miles for the first time, so this week I dropped back down to 4. I did an run/walk interval of 6/1 and felt very good through out the entire run. When I got home and uploaded my info to Nike+ I discovered that my pace for this 4 miles was a whole 30 seconds faster than the 4 mile pace I had run on 3/13! Needless to say, this made my day (yes, the little things never cease to thrill me). I can see improvement and can FEEL improvement. When I run, my knees don’t ache anymore. I feel strong through out the entire run….even though at times I’m huffing and puffing. In fact, most days I actually LOOK FORWARD to running! That is kinda crazy, coming from a person who only thought they would run if some big ugly guy was chasing them with intent to do bodily harm. I’m glad that Beth started me on this adventure (most days, that is), and look forward to the journey! Watch out 11:00 pace, here I come!


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  1. Great job on your run!! I felt the same way about running and now I am so glad I have discovered it myself!! Although I really don’t like the distance running its all about getting out there and doing it even if its just a couple of miles at a time!!

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