New Watch

This weekend I got a new watch. I had an inexpensive one from Wal-Mart that I had been using.  I liked it but the only problem is it only had one countdown timer. So when I would run intervals I would have to set it for 5 minutes let it count down, then reset it for one minute let it count down, reset to 5… you get the idea. I figured as I start adding long miles (5 plus) this could become a pain in the old patootie, so I went ahead and invested in a Timex Ironman that Beth had suggested to me (PLEASE don’t get any ideas that I’m going to do an Ironman… just sayin’) . Mine is the same model as above, only in pink (Academy only had pink and black so I went with the pink).

I really like this watch! It has TWO interval timers you can set independently, and you can have them cycle over and over. So you can run, and when your first interval time (say 5 min) is over it will beep and then your second time starts immediately! No buttons to press until your done with your run. How cool is that? The one thing I have found that helps is if you set it for MINUTES as opposed to HOURS. This morning I had set the first timer for 08:00, not even considering that someone would want an interval of EIGHT HOURS. When I looked down after a while (13 min. actually) 07:47 my first thought was, “Surely I’ve been running for more than 3 minutes!” Then I thought maybe I set the watch wrong, and instead of “Repeat” after the timer was done I was supposed to put “Stop” and it had skipped the second interval time and just restarted the first. So, I tired setting it to 08:00 with it stopping after that was done. Again I looked down after about 5 minutes and saw 7:55… I KNEW I had run more than 5 seconds and that is when the light bulb went off. DUH.

I still don’t know who would need a running watch to count down 8 hours of ANY physical exercise, but it’s good to know I can. Heck, I could interval 99:99 / 1 minutes if I ever needed to. Right?


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