10 Weeks

This week marks the tenth week of my “new regimen”! TEN WEEKS! That is crazy to think about. I think it’s starting to become part of my lifestyle, at least I hope it is. Today was a cross-train day, so I decided to walk, and I could really notice a big difference from 10 weeks ago. Today I WALKED at 4.1 mph. While that may not seem majorly fast, when I started this whole thing my “running” pace was 4.3 mph…. and that was with me breathing HARD by 2 or 3 minutes (okay… maybe at even 1 minute). Today’s walk was a breeze my heart rate never got up above 120. I felt great.

I know I am no where near a fast runner (not sure I’ll ever be considered that), but when I run outside I average about 5.0 mph and I’m very happy with that. I don’t know if I’ll ever get to a 10 minute mile, and really if I never do, I think I’ll be able to still be very happy. My whole goal is to do something that I CAN maintain, and WANT to maintain. I want to keep it enjoyable and fun. I suppose if that means never getting to a 10 minute mile, it’s okay. If it means getting to a 10 minute mile, that’s okay too. See, I’m totally flexible.


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