It’s O.K.

Friday afternoon we headed out to Lubbock to spend some quality time (eating Super Bowl goodies) with some of our favorite people. Before leaving, I had checked the weather forecast for the weekend and to see if Lubbock had an Anytime Fitness (where I have my membership). The forecast: COLD (and I don’t do cold running well); Anytime Fitness: NONE (that’s my cold weather running choice). The outlook for running while here was not looking good, but I packed my stuff anyway (do I get points for that?).Well, I haven’t run. I HAVE enjoyed time with best buds, laughed til it hurt and watched the Saints win their first Super Bowl. It’s ok.

I was so stoked because I had gone a whole 33 days without a break in my training. It’s ok. Sometimes life just happens, and I can’t obsess about it. I will pick back up on Tuesday or Wednesday and then I can aim for another 33 days. Maybe it was a good break, and I can consider it my “reward” for doing a great job so far. Or I can just choose to put training and running and exercise in it’s proper spot in my life, as something that is important and good for me to do and something I enjoy; but not something that takes precedence over everything. Not something that causes me guilt when it’s just not in the cards to get done (especially if that isn’t on a regular basis). This is what I need balance in… I need to relax and know that it will all be ok. The gym will still be there when I get home. Maybe I should just be thankful for the break… huh??


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  1. I know EXACTLY how you feel. I WANT to, and TRY to, but it seems more often than not-it just doesn’t happen. It’s hard not to beat yourself up or feel guilty or feel like you’re letting yourself or someone else down. But…maybe it’s a good sign that you CARE about not running??

    • I think that’s good too… that I WANT to. A good sign. And at the same time not letting it take over… Balance is a tough thing!

  2. Balance is always tough, but you have a great outlook on it. The gym WILL be there when you get back, family should take precedence, and congratulate yourself on the 33 day continuous. It is an excellent goal to keep but that is the same attitude I had gotten with my RPM class, and realized that it can’t be my life or it does suck the joy out of it. Keep enjoying your runs, Min, don’t lose sight of your goals. OH! and I love my blender having a strawberry- banana smoothie as I write:)

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