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Just keep running…..

Not much to post really. I’ve just been doing my thing, back on schedule. I’m feeling really good, and have 115.63 total miles under my belt! I’m am very happy with that result thus far, although I’m not sure it’s enough right now to meet my goal for 1005 miles for the year. I know I have some more long mileage coming up, so I may just make it. Even if I don’t, I’m still going to be proud that I’ve stuck to my guns. Of course there are days when my attitude is less than enthusiastic, but so far I have been able to drag my uncooperative butt out and get it done.  Some days aren’t pretty and I feel like a slug running along, but it gets done and that’s all I can really ask (on those days….). Well, I guess that’s all for this post, like I said not much happening… but thanks for your encouragement as it means so much to me! Keep moving!


“Officially” 4.05

I was able to do my long run outside today, as the temps around 8 were in the mid 50’s (never fear, though… some snow is forecasted for Tuesday). Since it was such a great morning, I wanted to take advantage and I am always reminded of the difference between running on a treadmill and running on the road (basically the major butt-kicking the outdoor running gives you). I started out and was doing just fine as I approached my .5 mile mark. I looked down at my Nike+ band, and  realized that I hadn’t started it! UGH! Technically I had .35 unlogged miles under my belt already. Call it my pride, but there was NO WAY I was going to let Nike+ log anything less than my goal of 4 miles for my long run this week…. NO WAY. So, my “official” run according to Nike+ was 4.05 miles in 51 minutes but “technically” it was 4.4 miles in about 57 minutes. Pride can be a killer, just ask my knees.

To get into specifics, I did 10/1, 10/1, 7/1, 5/1, 10/1, 10 then cool down (the cool down mileage is not counted in either my official time or my technical time…)

Back in the Saddle

At least I hope I am.  My running routine has been less than stellar this week, but I’ve chosen to embrace the rest and not feel guilty (or at least not too guilty). Yesterday I did my long run (which right now is .4 miles away from 4 miles) and felt great… NO TRIPPING, and I’m ready for Monday and the return to my schedule. I hope to get to 4 miles by the beginning/middle of next month. I’m not going to push it, but that’s my plan. I was able to run a solid 3.5 miles @ 4.7mph without any pain or pushing myself too hard. I added an extra .1 mile and jogged that. When I compete in a 5k (I’m not sure I’m going to be able to do the one in March, due to schedule conflicts..), I would really like to be able to run the whole thing, but again, I’m not going to push it. My goal is to finish, not hurt myself.  I’m so ready for it to get a little warmer so I can run outside more. It’s been pretty cold in our area (our normal high this time of year is in the 60’s), and we just got a foot of snow on Friday. I’m ready for shorts weather! I’m a Texan, after all!!

I also had to pick up some Body Glide at Academy yesterday (Phil called it my Valentines present), I felt like such an “official runner”. He also got me another Life is Good shirt (green with a mug of coffee on the front), they are the most comfortable shirts EVER! We went to go eat brunch at the Egg and I, and caught the movie Edge of Darkness. It was a wonderful day, and this morning I woke up to him cleaning the bathroom… the perfect Valentines gift!!

Not Pretty

Well, I got back to running today. It wasn’t pretty. My time was ok, but I could really feel it in my legs. I think I tripped twice on the treadmill (no, I’m fine.. I was able to catch myself), how embarrassing… I know. I had to take it a little slower than I would have like, but hey, I did it. I’m still glad I took those days off. Laughing and fellowship are so worth it, and I know by next week I’ll have my rhythm back. This Saturday is my long run, and for extra incentive after I get done Phil and I are going to brunch and a movie! It’s our Valentines date, and I’m really looking forward to it. It should inspire me to keep a good pace so we can get going. I think we may go see “Shutter Island”, and excellent Vday movie choice!

It’s O.K.

Friday afternoon we headed out to Lubbock to spend some quality time (eating Super Bowl goodies) with some of our favorite people. Before leaving, I had checked the weather forecast for the weekend and to see if Lubbock had an Anytime Fitness (where I have my membership). The forecast: COLD (and I don’t do cold running well); Anytime Fitness: NONE (that’s my cold weather running choice). The outlook for running while here was not looking good, but I packed my stuff anyway (do I get points for that?).Well, I haven’t run. I HAVE enjoyed time with best buds, laughed til it hurt and watched the Saints win their first Super Bowl. It’s ok.

I was so stoked because I had gone a whole 33 days without a break in my training. It’s ok. Sometimes life just happens, and I can’t obsess about it. I will pick back up on Tuesday or Wednesday and then I can aim for another 33 days. Maybe it was a good break, and I can consider it my “reward” for doing a great job so far. Or I can just choose to put training and running and exercise in it’s proper spot in my life, as something that is important and good for me to do and something I enjoy; but not something that takes precedence over everything. Not something that causes me guilt when it’s just not in the cards to get done (especially if that isn’t on a regular basis). This is what I need balance in… I need to relax and know that it will all be ok. The gym will still be there when I get home. Maybe I should just be thankful for the break… huh??

Habit Forming?

As I went to bed last night, this was the thought that flicked in my brain, “How long does it take to form a habit?”. This was in correlation to my new running lifestyle. It is something that I would like to see becoming part of my regular routine.  So, today I’m researching it a bit, and I found some interesting information here. If you don’t want to go read the article, this is the bottom line: the harder the habit, the longer it takes to form.

For example, if your goal habit it to eat one piece of fruit a day, then most people were able to achieve that in about 21 days. However, if your goal was to do 50 sit-ups everyday before breakfast, they found that most people took on average about 66 DAYS, and some even longer than that. Here’s a summary quote from the article:

“What this study reveals is that when we want to develop a relatively simple habit like eating a piece of fruit each day or taking a 10 minute walk, it could take us over two months of daily repetitions before the behaviour becomes a habit. And, while this research suggests that skipping single days isn’t detrimental in the long-term, it’s those early repetitions that give us the greatest boost in automaticity.

Unfortunately it seems there’s no such thing as small change: the much-repeated 21 days to form a habit is a considerable underestimation unless your only goal in life is drinking glasses of water.”

This actually helps me set realistic goals. I would like to make running a habit…but I can cut myself some slack if it doesn’t happen in a month. This is good to know! I’m not a failure… I’m just normal (ok… well maybe not normal, but you get the idea).

Save $1!!

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