How to Kill an Ipod

Monday was the day that I pulled one of the dumbest stunts ever. EVER. See, I had this Ipod nano (yeah, I said “had”). At the time that I purchased it, I didn’t run outside, so while at the gym I could just stick it on the machine and it didn’t matter that it didn’t clip anywhere. Since starting this training though, it’s been quite a challenge to figure out where to put it. Due to the fact that it’s several years old it is very hard to find the right size holder/ arm band etc. Sunday we were at WalMart, and I came across this clear plastic snap case that would fit my Ipod! So, I figured I’d get all fancy and make my own clip carrier (yeah, cause I’m bad like that).  I picked up a plastic clip thingy and some Velcro dots and viola! my own case to clip on the waist band of my shorts. It was a little “jiggly” though, so in brief flash of brilliance (yeah, sure) I thought, “Hey! I’ll just turn it around so it sits inside my shorts and won’t jiggle.” MISTAKE… BIG MISTAKE. Please, please, PLEASE don’t ever, ever, EVER do this (unless you don’t sweat… and I mean not even a little bit). Well, I went through my run and all that stuff and worked up a good sweat (unlike a pig, I DO sweat… A LOT), and was congratulating myself on a job well done (not only on the workout, but on my ingeniousness too).

When I get home I pull my Ipod off, and see the first signs of what is about to become a really BAD thing. There is moisture in the case. Now, I don’t know what I can blame this on… kids, the need for food, the need to start school, the fact that I’m an idiot… take your pick, but I- leave-the- case- on. Yes, what an idiot I am. We get on with our day, and all thoughts of the Ipod go out of my mind. Later that afternoon, my son comes to tell me that the Ipod is “acting funky” and as I inspected it I saw that not only did the moisture seem to have had moisture babies (ie: there seemed to be a lot more moisture in that case than before), but it has gotten into the Ipod itself. Instantly I started to rip the case off (I had to rip it off because I couldn’t get it unsnapped!!) while desperately hoping  if it were allowed to air dry I could salvage it… it was a hope… hey, I could dream, right? Well, as the evening went on, it SEEMED to get better. Hope renewed itself in my heart, but it was not to be. Tuesday morning we all woke up, but the Ipod did not. It was dead… as dead as an electronic thing could be. If I had wanted a nice little paperweight, I had one.

Now, I’m sure I could make it without one, but the idea of eventually running and hour or more without some kind of musical distraction gives me the heebie- jeebies. So I get a nice new Ipod Nano for Valentine’s day, it’s orange… orange makes me happy, and right now, I need happy cause I’m pretty put out with myself. But, as my son reminded me Tuesday night “Mom, you can’t control sweat”. Yeah, dude, that’s what I’m going with.


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  1. i can definitely imagine what you went through, since I don’t sweat like a pig too, it’s more like a horse AND unfortunately we CAN’T control it…even though we wished we could:) However LOVE the new ipod and the color!

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