Day 19

Today is day 19 on my quest to run a half marathon. In those 19 days I’ve done 38.2 miles (running/ walking/ elliptical) combined. That is probably more than I have done since getting married (ok, maybe not quite… I have been active since then, but not in 19 days time)! Right now that averages to 2.73 miles a day (I’m not factoring in my off days here). At the end of all this I would like to be doing around 4 miles a day… we’ll see how that goes. I’ve kept a running log along with this blog, where I document each day’s activity. I think that it will help keep me motivated on those days I really don’t “feel” like doing it (kinda like yesterday). Knowing I’ll have to write down “I skipped today” would rankle me. I’m not a writer (as you might have guessed by reading my blog posts… not like my friend Erin who can write like nobody’s business), but it keeps me honest, at least for now.

There has also been a slight change of plans. We found out the other day, that the half marathon we thought was going to take place in October isn’t going to happen until January (jump for joy!!). However, there is going to be a 10k in Waco on 10/10/10 hosted by the same group that Beth and I will run in. Then we will set our sights on January and run the half then. I’m really quite happy with this as a 10k is almost half of a half marathon and will be a great way to see how I do. I’m thinking about running in a 5k offered in Longview around the end of May. I think by doing these smaller runs will help boost my confidence when the time comes to run the big one. Plus, we won’t have to worry about heat stroke in January… it can still be pretty hot in October.


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