I’ll have to admit, it was kind of hard getting up this morning. We stayed up a bit late watching the news (we had some massive storms come through our area) so this morning I was.. um… dragging. I can blame that on my poor choice of shirt, I suppose. Lately, I’ve been wearing sleeveless tanks while running, but this morning I grabbed a sleeved shirt. A sleeved shirt that hits in just the WRONG spot on the inside of my upper arm. I was fine until about 2 miles, then I started to feel the “burn” and not the good kind of burn. So, for the rest of the run I kinda held my arm out at a slight angle to try to alleviate the rubbing. I must have looked pretty silly, but I don’t really care.. IT HURT! So, lesson learned… if it’s a running day, I’m only going to wear sleeveless tanks!!


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