I Did It!

Okay, maybe someone shouldn’t get so excited over something like this, but hey… I’ve probably not done anything like this in 10+ years. What, you ask, did I do?? I did my first long outside run today! It was rainy and cold and a Saturday morning but….. I DID IT! My total was 3 miles today. I ran the first full mile then intervaled after that (running/ walking). I finished in under 40 minutes with an average of 4.6mph. I am so happy right now, it’s bordering on silly. Beth had warned me that outdoor running was different than treadmill running, because I’d have to propel myself and there are hills and things like that. Well, she didn’t lie. BUT, the first mile felt great, and really the whole way through my legs and feet felt great too (the Asics I got absolutely ROCK)!

I hope to eventually  work up to running the first two then the whole three, but that will come in time. For toady, I’m very pleased with my performance and that I did it! In my mind this was one of the first BIG hurdles to get over and I had a lot of butterflies this past week. I almost psyched myself out before even getting out there to try. I think part of me needs to get past the “all or nothing” thoughts. Sure, I did some walking, but I think it probably broke down to running 2 miles walking 1. Even if it wasn’t that, you know what?? That’s OKAY too.

I can do this! Praise God!!


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  1. You rock!! That same proud feeling you have now, you’ll have time and again throughout this whole experience. But, you’ll also have runs that don’t go as well-who knows why-and just remember not to let those days to get you down and frustrated. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other! On your runs, it may be helpful whenyou do interval work to have a consistant walk/run time. Depending on where you are, depends on what that interval should be. You may try a 5-1 or 7-1 or even a 10-1 and see how each make you feel. Giving yourself a minute to catch your breath will help your body as you continue to add distance. Slowly during the week we’ll add time to the runs-not distance and slowly add distance to the long runs. But remember, we have LOTS of time! So, stay proud!

    • Great insight. Yeah, I’m sure there are going to be those days that just suck…. I’m just glad this first run wasn’t one of them! LOL I need to work on motivating myself to keep going when the treadmill isn’t making me go..KWIM?? 🙂

  2. Yayyyy!!

    (BTW–I have to say I love running outside wayyy more than on a treadmill. It’s fun to drive your route later and be like, “Oh, yeah. I ran that. Mm-hmm.”) 😛

  3. Outside is way better than a treadmill…I had to run some miles last week on the treadmill and it was awful!!! So boring…5 seemed like hours…today 14 felt like a quick trip!!! I agree with Beth’s advice on the intervals too!!!

  4. Hey! good for you way to go keep on trucking! LOL!
    I am so proud of you! Next time you run, give a little hop for me and say “this one is for linda”…. LOL.
    With the COPD i’m lucky to walk across the kitchen, and i think it’s way beyond super that you are doing this.

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