1/2 Marathon Therapy

Who would have thought that agreeing to run a 1/2 Marathon would bring up so much inside of me. It’s almost been like therapy, in that I’ve really looked at some issues and self doubt and junk like that. This blog will probably not make much sense to anyone but myself, because so much of what is going on in my head is really hard to put into words.

It ‘s this whole “who am I” question and this is kinda working to redefine me. I worry that I won’t make this a permanent change, and I really want it to be. AFTER I have run the 1/2 will I continue to run, and do the things I’m doing now. I want the answer to be yes, but I’m afraid it will be a transient change…. like when it’s over going back to the “old me”. Does that make sense? I’m worried to say things about being something (like a runner) because I’m worried I won’t stay that way. I think that is the best way to describe it.

Sometimes I think that I think too much.


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  1. one day at a time and let God do the rest…. focus on the here and now don’t worry about the future since we don’t know what it holds. Things happen in life that we can’t plan on and we can’t see it as disappointment but a new path of adventure:) Just keep on going and focus on today rather than tomorrow..Love you! Keep the pace!

  2. I have gone through some times of growth, the whole time thinking…”I’ll be glad when this is over so I can be the old me again” It’s just more comfortable that way…but not best. I am so proud of you, and I am sure all sorts of things are popping up in your mind. Yesterday I went out for a walk, and ended up running a little, walking a little, run, walk, run, walk (not really a run, but you know what I mean…jogging…sort of) I really tried to stay positive, but its sooo hard. KEEP IT UP!

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