I don’t know what my hang up is. I have a very hard time calling myself a “runner”. I think I feel that I’m conveying something that I’m not. In my eyes, running is sprinting down the track going much faster than I will ever go. I feel that if I call myself a runner, I’m doing a disservice to the word. I asked Phil what he thought of when I said someone was a runner. His answer was “95% of the time I think of someone jogging, like what you do”. That funny, because 95% of the time I think of someone sprinting. I guess I need to reset my mind to take in a new definition of “running” and what a “runner” is. It’s a silly thing, but I think it just might help  me on this journey. Not to be afraid to redefine myself. Not to worry about saying “I’m a runner”.


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  1. I feel the same way with that word and had to work hard to overcome the idea of it. I am a runner just not a sprinter or ironman:) We are redefining what it means to the world… we are RUNNERS!! WOOOHIOOO!!

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