I know that through out this entire process Doubt is going to raise it’s ugly head. Doubt that I can do this, doubt that I should do it, doubt that I will be able to finish, doubt, doubt, doubt….. I know that I will deal with it, struggle with it, and hopefully overcome it. I sometimes doubt that I have the ability to commit and stick to all the training I need to do. I doubt that I can be steadfast in getting up every Saturday to do my “long run”. I doubt that I can really finish this thing.  All these things flit through my mind, especially at night while I go to sleep. HOWEVER, I don’t want to focus on my DOUBT. I want to address it, and realize that it’s there, but I then want to meet it head on with FAITH. I want to remind myself that all things are possible through Christ. I want to commit this run to Him, and trust that he will give me the desire, commitment and determination for finish strong… to run the best I can…THE BEST I CAN. Because on my own, well on my own, I probably couldn’t finish this thing. On my own, I probably would quit and say it’s just not worth the effort. On my own, I would probably talk myself into NOT doing something that would challenge me to go places I’ve never been before. But, I’m not ON MY OWN. So, Doubt… I will admit that you visit me, and that the issues you bring up are legit… but, I will not allow you to hang around for greater is He who is in me!


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  1. You’ve inspired me, Mindy. I’m walking so much better with my ‘Cruiser’ and Dad & I have been walking at the mall the past two weekends for several hours. So-o-o, today I bought a Nike+ sports band & am going to set some walking goals for training. In October, I’m going to do a walking marathon of my own — to support you and Beth! I don’t know yet how many miles I can work up to, but it will be fun to see how good I can get. Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Mom… that is SO COOL!! You’ll have to keep me posted! I’m glad that the cruiser is working so good, keep it up!! :o)

  3. Hey Girl..I’m right there with you. I, too, am walking with the same doubt or fear. Fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of the commitment. It’s tough. There are days when you feel great after a run and days when you feel awful. It’s hard not to get discouraged or to get busy and put other priorities ahead and say, “I’ll do it later.” But..NOTHING is more amazing than accomplishing such an overwhelming goal! I remember the first time I ran 5 miles. I felt AWFUL. But I kept telling myself, I just ran 5 miles! I’ve never in my life run 5! Pretty soon, 5 felt like running 1 or 2. It’s just amazing! Keep up the hardwork and remember once your ’emotion/motivation’ has left-which it will come and go-I’ll still be here doing it with you. I LOVE Max Lucado, and he has a new book “Fearless” which I’m reading. Think it’ll be great motivation! So…here we go!!

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