Ran on a Saturday

I ran this morning. Maybe for someone else that isn’t important… but it HUGE for me. I usually don’t do any form of fitness on Saturday… unless one can count coming down stairs to get coffee, and then stirring creamer into said coffee. Making it even huger (if that’s a word) is that I got up at 7am to do so, before we left for Waco. Yes, all this occurred on a Saturday. I also ran for 5 extra minutes today, making it a full 30 of solid running. I was happy.

This finishes my first week. I ran a total of 10.2 miles this week. I know there are many more miles to come, but I’m pretty pleased! My goal for next week is to add another 5 minutes of running time by the end of the week. It will be ok if I don’t meet that goal.. but I’m aiming for it. I CAN DO IT!


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