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This Week

Well, my running for this week is done. Yay! I have to admit that I really had to make myself do it this go around. Monday came, and I found myself developing a sore throat (thanks to my daughter), and that kind of wore me down. BUT, I can say I did it. My attitude might not have been the best, but I did each day, and am proud that I got in there, buckled down and did what needed to be done. I’m feeling better and I hope next week isn’t as much as a struggle.


Some Like it Tart Smoothie

1/2c.  concentrated lime juice mix (in the freezer section)

handful of frozen sweet cherries (in freezer section)

about 1c. frozen chunk pineapple (guess where!)

1 banana sliced

1c. ice (I use Sonic ice)

1c. vanilla low fat yogurt

Blend it all up and share (it makes enough for two glasses). Rach gave it two thumbs up!

How to Kill an Ipod

Monday was the day that I pulled one of the dumbest stunts ever. EVER. See, I had this Ipod nano (yeah, I said “had”). At the time that I purchased it, I didn’t run outside, so while at the gym I could just stick it on the machine and it didn’t matter that it didn’t clip anywhere. Since starting this training though, it’s been quite a challenge to figure out where to put it. Due to the fact that it’s several years old it is very hard to find the right size holder/ arm band etc. Sunday we were at WalMart, and I came across this clear plastic snap case that would fit my Ipod! So, I figured I’d get all fancy and make my own clip carrier (yeah, cause I’m bad like that).  I picked up a plastic clip thingy and some Velcro dots and viola! my own case to clip on the waist band of my shorts. It was a little “jiggly” though, so in brief flash of brilliance (yeah, sure) I thought, “Hey! I’ll just turn it around so it sits inside my shorts and won’t jiggle.” MISTAKE… BIG MISTAKE. Please, please, PLEASE don’t ever, ever, EVER do this (unless you don’t sweat… and I mean not even a little bit). Well, I went through my run and all that stuff and worked up a good sweat (unlike a pig, I DO sweat… A LOT), and was congratulating myself on a job well done (not only on the workout, but on my ingeniousness too).

When I get home I pull my Ipod off, and see the first signs of what is about to become a really BAD thing. There is moisture in the case. Now, I don’t know what I can blame this on… kids, the need for food, the need to start school, the fact that I’m an idiot… take your pick, but I- leave-the- case- on. Yes, what an idiot I am. We get on with our day, and all thoughts of the Ipod go out of my mind. Later that afternoon, my son comes to tell me that the Ipod is “acting funky” and as I inspected it I saw that not only did the moisture seem to have had moisture babies (ie: there seemed to be a lot more moisture in that case than before), but it has gotten into the Ipod itself. Instantly I started to rip the case off (I had to rip it off because I couldn’t get it unsnapped!!) while desperately hoping  if it were allowed to air dry I could salvage it… it was a hope… hey, I could dream, right? Well, as the evening went on, it SEEMED to get better. Hope renewed itself in my heart, but it was not to be. Tuesday morning we all woke up, but the Ipod did not. It was dead… as dead as an electronic thing could be. If I had wanted a nice little paperweight, I had one.

Now, I’m sure I could make it without one, but the idea of eventually running and hour or more without some kind of musical distraction gives me the heebie- jeebies. So I get a nice new Ipod Nano for Valentine’s day, it’s orange… orange makes me happy, and right now, I need happy cause I’m pretty put out with myself. But, as my son reminded me Tuesday night “Mom, you can’t control sweat”. Yeah, dude, that’s what I’m going with.

Book Review #1

When I agreed to run the half marathon with Beth, I decided I might want to educated myself on how to get ready, and not die in the process. Amazon is my friend, I use it a lot to find resources and books, so that’s where I began (plus I could research in my pj’s, which I’m sure would be frowned upon at Barnes & Noble). I knew I needed something for someone (namely me) who had not made running a part of their life before (fitness yes, running no)… I needed something for the complete beginner. “The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women” is one of the books that my search revealed. The customer reviews were high, and spoke about how funny the book was, so I decide to order it. I mean, come on… if your going to train for a half marathon, you might as well be able to laugh at something while doing it, right?? My book came in last week, and I’ve had a chance to read through it, and thought I’d share my opinions about it here.

Let’s start with what I liked:

1. I really enjoyed the books humor. The author, Dawn Dais, is outstanding and I found myself laughing out loud a lot. The book in peppered with journal entries she kept, while training for a full marathon, which are also hilarious.

2. She was very real about her experiences and what motivated her to run her marathon. She encouraged you to really look inside yourself and figure out WHY you wanted to run the race you chose, because that is what would really keep you motivated.

3. Did I mention the humor?

4. You always got the sense that she actually believed that anyone could do what she had done. That if you set your mind to it, nothing is impossible.

5. She was able to laugh at herself, and reminded you that keeping a good sense of humor through out the training process is half the battle.

6. It was very easy to relate to the author… I could really see myself in her and her experiences.

What the book didn’t do:

1. I would say this isn’t a “training manual”. It offers a running schedule, but from everything I’ve read there are better ways to go about preparing for a half/full/5k/10k. I would say the training aspect is not why you should get this book.

2. Sometimes her descriptions of the pain and trouble she experience (although done in a very funny way) scared me a little. I found myself thinking… “do I really want to do this??”. I’m glad that she made it through, despite the pain, but at times hindered rather than an encouraged.

Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend this book. It is so funny, along the lines of Erma Bombeck, and I will probably go back and re-read as my training goes on. It’s one of those books that just make you laugh.  I would not, however make it my sole source of training information. I am reading a second book right now (The Absolute Beginners Guide) and will review that as well.

Bottom Line:

Encouragement factor: five stars

Training factor: three stars

Banana Split Smoothie

I came up with this smoothie as a way to use a few cans of SlimFast that I had lying around. It was a little thinner than I usually like it, because I was afraid to use too much ice (see my previous post about my blender). It was VERY good, and actually good for me!

Banana Split smoothie:

1 can SlimFast chocolate shake (you could use the powder too, I’m sure)

1 banana

1/2 – 1 cup of frozen pitted cherries

1c. of ice (more or less depending on how think you want it)

Put it all in the blender and blend the heck out of it. SO GOOD!!

Blender Woes

The things you learn when you start something new. I never knew how well (or “not” well) our blender worked, as I could probably count on one hand the times I’ve used it since we got it about 6 years ago. Phil is the blender user in the family. But that has changed since all of this half marathon business. My normal breakfast “routine” (if you can call it breakfast) is half a cup of coffee. I know, I know… bad me. But since starting this torture training I have come to appreciate something a little more substantial in the morning. My new routine consists of a banana before going to the gym and then a smoothie (Erin, you’ll be pleased to know the first time I typed that it came out “smootie”…) when I get back. I didn’t know a blender could moan. I like THICK smoothies, while Phil has an inclination for thinner ones, and this may explain why he’s never found a problem with our current blender. Unfortunately when I use it, I’m surprised not to see smoke. I have to poke, and prod, and shake, and shake some more… then finally it starts to blend. I get very frustrated and want to chuck the thing out the window. So today, after struggling for 20 minutes (if I’m lyin’ I’m dyin’) to make my poor ailing daughter a smoothie to sooth her sore throat, I threw in the towel. Phil “o.k.’d” me to buy an new blender, so my search began.

I reviewed probably every blender known to man, and a couple probably only known to those who live on Mars. I looked at $29 blenders and $499 blenders (not that the $499 ones were even a consideration.. but I looked anyway). What I wanted was one that could blend ice and frozen fruit to a very smooth texture without exploding or catching fire (and one that didn’t cost $499). So, after much searching, and reading and more searching;  the blender I decided on was the KitchenAid 5 Speed Blender with Polycarbonate Jar (in the attractive and fun “pear” color).

I got it from Sears, because I had a $25 gift card that could go towards the cost. It was more expensive than our previous blender purchases, but I hoping this is a case of “you get what you pay for”. The customer reviews on Amazon were mostly good (kinda like mostly dead… my lame attempt at humor here), and I’m hoping that it will help in my smoothie making endeavors. I think it’s supposed to  come in somtime next week and will let you know how it works… I hope I can give it “two thumbs way up”!

Just a Post

I don’t really have anything interesting to post today. I did 3.6 miles on my long run with a 5-1 run/walk interval to help with my endurance training. It went really well and I felt pretty good. Other than that today has been a lazy day, which has been nice 🙂 . I have tomorrow off and am looking forward to just relaxing with the family… going to church… grabbing some lunch… stuff like that. See, I told you I had nothing interesting to post today!